Helichrysum, Bracteatum

Growing paper flower

Helichrysum, Bracteatum

L’Helichrysum Bracteatum or shiny helichrysum, commonly called paper flower or also called straw flower, is an annual herbaceous plant, cultivated in rock gardens and also in pots due to its small size, for its persistent and particular flowers that look like paper to the touch.


General characteristics of the paper flower or straw flower

L’Helichrysum Bracteatum it is an ornamental plant from Africa and Asia that belongs to the Asteracea family, the same as the officinal helichrysum.

The plant of about 50 cm in size is also grown to use its dried flowers.

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flower-of-paper-Helichrysum cultivation

The paper flower it has a bushy habit and has erect, rigid, gray-blue stems covered with oblong or lanceolate leaves.


THE flowers, solitary or in bunches, and similar to daisies, their corolla is made up of apparently paper-like petals of yellow-gold or orange color, which form a crown to a large, deep yellow central button.



The plant blooms from April until late October.


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Cultivation of the paper flower


It prefers sunny places and fears frost.


Even if it does not fear drought, water regularly and only when the soil is completely dry.


It loves well-drained, light and rich in organic matter soils. A mix of soil and sand is recommended to avoid root rot.



Provide fertilizer for flowering plants every 15-20 days during the flowering period, suitably diluted in watering water.


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Multiplication of the paper flower

The paper flower propagates by division of the tufts in late summer and by seed, directly at home, in spring. The new seedlings bloom 2-3 months after sowing.


Parasites and diseases

The paper flower fears the attacks of aphids and scale insects; sometimes the leaves can be affected by powdery mildew (white sickness).


Absolutely avoid water stagnation, as the straw flower is very prone to fungal attacks.


Curiosities about the shiny helichrysum

L’Helichrysum Bracteatum he’s called paper flower or straw flower, due to the consistency of the flower which, even if cut, keeps intact the bright color of its petals which are often used to decorate succulents.

There are several varieties of helichrysum.

Helichrysum or paper flower in the language of flowers

In the jargon of flowers thehelichrysum assumes the meaning of exile.

Photo gallery of the paper flower – Helichrysum


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