Essential garden tools | Which ones to choose

Let’s find out what are the essential tools to have in the garden, all the useful tools for outdoor work, to do less effort and get better results.


The choice of gardening tools it is essential for the care of the vegetable garden, lawn and hedges. In fact, according to the type of work, it is necessary to have the right tools.

However, we are not always well informed about which ones to buy, a decision not as immediate as it might seem, especially for those who are at the beginning and still inexperienced.

Now that we finally see the arrival of summer, we describe in our article which are the essential tools to always have at hand for outdoor chores.

What are the garden tools to buy?

Depending on the work to be done, you need to have gardening tools appropriate. That’s why one is needed classification based on the interventions to be carried out, to indicate the tools suitable for the care of outdoor spaces.

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Garden cleaning tools


We begin to delve into our guide with a series of essential tools for cleaning the garden and to keep it always taken care of. Here’s what they are:

  • Rake: essential to collect the leaves scattered on the lawn or to smooth out the soil before sowing. It can have teeth (prongs) made of plastic, wood or iron. To be preferred in metal, heavier but with greater resistance.
  • Spade: if you have an area dedicated to the vegetable garden, you need it to move the clods of earth before moving on to cultivation. Its function is in fact to turn the clods of the ground. Usually the tip is made of steel and the handle of wood. It is equipped with a special bracket to push the blade deeply with the foot. The handle must be sturdy to work best.
  • Hoe: the popular tool used for cutting roots and weeding.
  • Gallows: used to loosen the ground and to aerate it. Usually the handle is made of wood, available long or short. Often the spade is used instead of the fork. The latter is mainly used to move manure.
  • Shovel or Shovel: essential tool for moving the earth and spreading the fertilizer on the ground. The handle is slightly curved and the steel tip to allow more effective penetration. Used to collect dirt, sand and other materials.
  • Garden shredder: a tool more expensive than others but useful for collecting pruning waste, making a good compost and using it as a fertilizer.
  • Hacksaw: indispensable for cutting branches, to be used in pruning in general. It is advisable to choose a good quality one. It is available in manual or electric operation.
  • Scissors: to cut the stems or small branches, here is another indispensable tool in the garden. A pair of scissors with an ergonomic handle cannot be missing.

Pruning plants and hedges


For the optimal care of the garden it is essential to perform the habit regularly pruning of plants and hedges. To make less effort and obtain satisfactory results, it is essential to have the right tools according to the type of work to be done. Here are the main ones:

  • Lopper: very useful tool for cutting the branches of the tallest trees. In fact, it can be stretched to more easily reach the leaves at different heights. Depending on the model, it adapts to different thicknesses.
  • Pruner: identical function of the lopper, thanks to an extendable arm it allows you to reach the highest points more easily. Perfect for a light pruning, without having to take the ladder.
  • Hedge Trimmers: essential for cutting the foliage of hedges, they are characterized by having long and thin blades, for fast and precise cuts. Depending on the uses, on the market they are sold with straight and wavy blades.
  • Sickle: it comes with a long wooden handle and a curved steel blade. Used for cutting grass, reeds, twigs.
  • Roncole: tools used to remove the bark of trees, to browse hedges, cut shrubs. They consist of a hook-shaped metal blade and a wooden handle.
  • Motor hedge trimmer: if the hedges to be pruned are numerous, the solution is the motor hedge trimmer. Available in different types: electric, battery, petrol. According to your needs, the most appropriate model should be chosen.

Garden tools


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For your small vegetable garden a series of tools are recommended to keep it neat, efficient and always in order. Here’s what they are:

  • Hoe: essential for moving the soil, it favors the absorption of compost and fertilizers.
  • Rake: to prepare the soil for sowing.
  • Grubber: to extract herbs easily.
  • Toilet brush: to collect the leaves scattered on the ground.
  • Transplanter: small curved blade used for repotting.

Tools for a tidy garden


For a lawn that is always in order rather than a tool, it is more correct to talk about machinery: the lawnmower. In choosing the model suitable for your needs, it is necessary to evaluate a series of simple parameters: size of the surface, type of terrain, presence of obstacles (trees, flower beds, etc.), degree of slope. THEn commerce there are different types of lawn mower:

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  • Manual: there is no motor, it works by manual push. It is good for gardens up to 100 square meters, no slopes and obstacles. Its advantages include low maintenance, silence and ease of use.
  • Electric: the perfect solution for condominium gardens, it requires little maintenance and is extremely manageable. Requires an electrical outlet nearby. Quite quiet.
  • Battery operated: no electric cable is needed, thus ensuring considerable freedom of movement. Little maintenance and good silence are its other advantages. A good choice for medium to large sized gardens.
  • To burst: for large surfaces, over 1000 square meters. Noisy but more powerful than those described so far. It requires more careful maintenance.
  • Robot lawn mower: to make it easier to keep the garden in order. Programmable, they allow you to cut the grass even on land with high slopes. Depending on the power, they adapt to small or large surfaces. Silent.

Gardening tools and accessories


Finally, a series of articles for the safety of the person and among the most common gardening accessories. We have reported them below:

  • Gloves: essential to provide the right protection for your hands while you work with plants and use chemicals for gardening. This way you prevent irritation and scratches. Available in different materials depending on the use (cotton, nitrile, latex, etc).
  • Gardening Shoes and Boots: essential accessories every time you do chores in the garden, to avoid slipping and getting wet.
  • Clothing: it must be suitable for every season, warm and water-repellent in winter, light and breathable in summer.
  • Ladder: very useful for work to be carried out at a certain height from the ground.
  • Watering can: in plastic or metal, it is used to water some areas of the garden.

Image gallery

Below is a complete image gallery of essential tools for the care of your garden.


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