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Centaurea cornflower cultivation


General characteristics of the cornflower – Centaurea cyanus

The cornflower, Centaurea cyanus, is a annual herbaceous plant belonging to the Composite or Asteraceae family.

The underground part of the plant is formed by a robust rhizomatous root, the aerial one with a bushy habit is composed of erect stems covered with lanceolate leaves of an intense green color.


On the apexes of the stems, during the flowering period, beautiful flowers of blue violet, yellow, pink and purple red bloom.


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THE flowers, similar to those of milk thistle or sea thistle, they are surrounded by thorny bracts.


The fruits they are small winged and light achenes that are easily dispersed in the environment even by light breezes of wind.


The Cornflower it blooms from late spring until late October.


Cornflower cultivation – Centaurea


It prefers sunny places sheltered from the winds.


Likes loose, fertile and well-drained soils.


It needs regular and constant watering when the soil is completely dry.



Once a month, administer a specific liquid fertilizer for flowering plants diluted in the watering water or, every 2 months, distribute a slow-release granular fertilizer at the foot of the plant.


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Multiplication of the cornflower Centaurea cyanus

The plant propagates by seed.

Sowing takes place either in a protected seedbed in September or directly planted in spring.


Pests and diseases of Centaurea cyanus

Centaurea is rarely attacked by parasites among fungal diseases, it fears the attack of powdery mildew or bad white if the climate is excessively humid. Excessive water intake can cause root rot and, therefore, it is good to keep the soil of the plant dry or slightly moist.


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Language of flowers

The cornflower symbolizes happiness and grace.

Cornflower, Centaurea

Is cornflower poisonous?

It is not a toxic plant.

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