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Browsing through the BRICO catalog you can find several garden houses. These are very convenient and can be used in many different ways. We have made a selection to let you discover the best models of resin, metal and wooden houses!


The garden sheds they are a very useful purchase for those who have space outside available. Indeed, allow for storage inside them Different things, such as garden tools, barbecues, or other accessories.

BRICO in its catalog has several types of garden sheds. They differ in size, prices and obviously for the materials of which they are made. These, in fact, can be made of resin, metal or wood. We have selected the best models of each type to help you choose.


Resin garden sheds

In his catalog BRICO delivers a good selection of resin houses. It is a material excellent in that resists very well humidity and is not easily damaged over time. Among the various models available we can mention:

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  • MANOR PENT: it is a very small house easy to assemble and practical. The attached floor guarantees optimal insulation. It has a internal surface 1.63 m² and the wall it is thick 16 mm, but the same model is also available in other sizes. It costs € 449.90.
  • LADDER HOUSE: it is a very model resistant and customizable. Just like a miniature house, it also has two small windows and the floor is annex. There inner surface and of 4 m² and its price is € 849.90.
  • FACTOR HOUSE: it is ideal for those looking for a spacious garden storage room. In fact, it space at your disposal interior is 5.62 m². Its advantage is theopening very wide which allows furniture or garden machines to pass through the door with ease. It costs € 1099.
  • NEWTON HOUSE 757: it is a very resistant model, with the 20 mm thick wall it’s a internal surface of 4.04 m². The wood effect also makes it very beautiful aesthetically. His cost is € 1490.
  • DARWIN HOUSE: those looking for a house that is not too big and cheap, can focus on this model. Its surface is right of 1.98 m² is costs € 399.


Metal garden sheds

BRICO proposes also of little houses really cheap garden furniture. These are metal and can easily be used for example to store garden tools, wood or pellets. In particular, browsing the catalog we can find:

  • BURGAS HOUSE: among the metal houses it is the largest. In fact, it has one internal surface of 4.35 m². The walls, on the other hand, they are very thin and have a thickness of 0.27 mm. The floor is not included. The cost and of € 299.
  • VARNA HOUSE: it is a slightly smaller model as the inner surface and of 2.96 m² while it thickness of the wall and of 0.27 mm. Also in this case the floor is not foreseen. The cost of this little house is € 259.90.
  • SOFIA HOUSE: it is the smallest of all the metal houses. In fact, the surface available is of 2.24 m². As with previous models, the floor is not included. The assembly is by panels it’s very simple. This little house costs € 209.90.


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Wooden garden sheds

Leafing through the BRICO catalog we can see also a large selection of wooden garden sheds with attached floor. The choice of this material is not accidental, in fact it guarantees a certain strength and quality. There are models to suit all needs:

  • ALMATY HOUSE: it is a model in fir wood, with a fairly light color. Its internal surface is not very large, as measure only 3 m². However, it is perfect for those with limited space available. It costs from the price list € 990, but it can be taken for granted.
  • TULIP HOUSE: this little house is very small too interior space usable is 2 m². There wallinstead, it is 12 mm thick. There padlock closure makes it practical and safe. His cost € 379.
  • DOLLY HOUSE: those looking for a slightly more spacious garden shed can opt for this model. In fact, his inner surface and of 3.45 m². There closing in this case it is with key. The price and of € 499.
  • CASETTA POSITANO: it is an excellent model, resistant and spacious. Her internal surface is 5 m², while it thickness of the wall is 28 mm. This little house it mounts by interlocking. His cost is € 790 and I’m annexes also be the floor that the roof sheathing.
  • CASETTA AZALEA: this garden shed is really very big, his inner surface in fact it is well 9.05 m². Furthermore, the wall has one thickness of 28 mm which guarantees a certain sturdiness to the whole structure. Precisely for this reason, this house can also be used as a small additional room or as a useful shelter to have in the garden. His cost and of € 1300.


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BRICO catalog garden houses: images and photos

Leafing through the images in the gallery below, you will be able to discover different models of garden sheds that can be found in the BRICO catalog. Take a look to find the model that’s right for you.

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