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Beautifying the garden with water plants: some useful ideas

Do you want to make your garden more beautiful by adding water plants? In this small guide we will show you how to best insert them.

Beautify the garden with water plants 4

The peculiarity of water plants, also called hydrophytes, is that they have adapted to live underwater or to float on the surface. In general, these are vascular type plants which they have some typical characteristics: they have a very thin cuticle; their stomata are always open; their roots allow them to collect oxygen and to be absorbent or not very active; they possess aeriferous tissues which allow them to float.

These are very beautiful plants, which allow you to create very suggestive and particular corners in the garden. Introducing water plants into your garden may seem like an impossible task, however, it is much easier than it seems. Also because, in addition to creating a biotype, aquatic plants are also very easy to manage.

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In fact, consider that your garden doesn’t have to have a pond. You can arrange aquatic plants in many different places, including recovery ones. Think of small barrels or bathtubs. Even simple terracotta pots may be enough. Which will be simple and inexpensive.

In this article, we’ll give you an overview of how you can best incorporate water plants into your garden.

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Potted water plants

If you want to grow your water plants in a pot in the garden, it would be best if you choose a pot made of ceramic rather than a glass one. This is because, in the glass container you would see the formation of all the algae. To avoid seeing them, you should thoroughly clean the pot every day.

By opting for a ceramic one, instead, cleaning should be done on a weekly basis. Of course, cleaning should be done without using chemicals that could kill the plants.

The size of the pot will depend on your available spaces. Inside you can arrange the herbaceous water plants, in cuttings. Philodendron, Pothos and English Ivy are examples of this.

Beautify the garden with water plants 5

Water plants in glass

Water plants can also be grown in the garden in glass jars and bottles of many different shapes and sizes. In this way you will create real ecosystems very similar to aquariums. A sort of garden in a bottle.

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Beautify the garden with water plants 2

Water plants in aluminum tub

If your garden has a vintage look or you want to give it yourself, try creating a small water garden inside an aluminum tank. Green or flowering plants will look great.

Beautify the garden with water plants 7

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How you do it

After having seen some types of containers, let’s see how to create a real water garden inside them. First of all, make sure that the container is at least 40 centimeters deep, the diameter must be at least 60/90 centimeters.

Inside you will have to put on the bottom of the clayey soil, some gravel and some fertilizer for water plants. Of course, you will also have to choose the types of water plants to insert. An example could also be oxygenating plants, among which Cabomba caroliniana stands out, which will be able to absorb all the organic substances present in water. This way, the water will be cleaner and free of algae.

If you want to include fish you may want to include shade plants such as Cyperus alternifolius which can reach a meter and a half high. Do not miss the choreographic Ninfee.

When you plant the plants you will need to consider that the soil is compacted as much as possible. The gravel layer should not exceed one and a half centimeters. Once you have inserted all the plants with their pot, you can fill the container completely with water.

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Beautify the garden with water plants: create a pond

Another good idea, less easy than the previous ones but not impossible, is to create an artificial pond in your green space. Know that on the market there are pre-formed plastic tubs. The tank will be buried, for a unique scenic effect. The tub must necessarily be deep.

The bottom of the tank must be filled with gravel. Attention also to get yourself a filter, powered by electricity, which will allow you to make the water suitable for the life of plants and fish. In addition, you will need to choose a pump, to create the right movement of the water. After the pond has been filled with water the filters will start to start.

Remember that the last step is to insert the fish, if you want to insert them. The most common specimens are carp but also the very common goldfish.

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Beautifying the garden with water plants: photos and images

Now that we’ve given you some ideas, all you have to do is get to work and enjoy your garden. In the meantime, get inspired with a few more images.


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