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Aquatic plants for aquariums: what they are, how to choose them

An aquarium with aquatic plants will be able to be beautiful to look at, but also perfect for your fish. Let’s see what they are and how to choose them best.

Aquatic plants for aquariums what they are, how to choose them 1

The aquarium is more beautiful if it has beautiful aquatic plants in it. Not only will it be more aesthetically pleasing, but it will allow the fish to live better. In fact, thanks to the plants they will be able to have new hiding places, all to try.

Not only, aquatic plants will filter the water, serving as a support for the filters. The plants, in fact, also feed on nitrates and phosphates which are difficult to eliminate from aquariums. With these support plants you will avoid changing the water too often.

Of course, adding aquatic plants to your aquarium isn’t always roses and flowers. Some types of vegetables, indeed, need special care. We refer to the addition of carbon dioxide systems or to that of fertilizers. Also, some plants may need a lot of light.

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Anyhow, it is better to add liquid fertilizer that contains minerals necessary for the plant to be fed properly. In fact, the aquatic plants sustain themselves mainly thanks to the water column. Be careful, however, not to add too much otherwise algae could appear.

Let’s see what aquatic plants are and how to choose them best.

Aquatic plants for aquariums what they are, how to choose them 2

Floating aquarium plants

Floating aquatic plants add a surprise effect to your aquarium. Not being anchored to the base of the tank. In some cases, the roots are suspended in the water. There are different varieties and sizes and they are about 30 cm long.

In addition to being particularly decorative, floating aquatic plants they also have different qualities. The first is that of shade. Then, add oxygen to the tank and can act as filters. In some cases, floating plants can also be a great snack for your little fish.

Among the specimens of floating aquarium plants stand out:

  • aquatic lettuce: grows rapidly and has a rose shape; not recommended for small aquariums.
  • the common salvinia: if you have an aquarium with a narrow thread, it is better not to insert it; it grows in clusters.
  • the riccia fluitans: it consists of various pieces that intertwine to give life to a carpet; it is easy to grow from a good shade.

Aquatic plants for aquariums what they are, how to choose them 3

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Fast growing aquarium plants

If you are in a hurry to make your aquarium prettier, fast-growing aquatic plants do what you want. Rapid growth depends on how fast these plants are they are able to consume nutrients such as nitrates and phosphates. For this, they are able to lighten the work of the filter. They are especially suitable for heavily populated aquariums.

Among the pros, moreover, stand out the ability to fight algae and oxygenate the water. Then, they allow the fish to hide and are very welcome to them. Among other qualities, the fact that they are very easy to grow, even for beginners.

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Among the best known species stand out:

  • hygrophyla: characterized by different species, not always easy to grow.
  • egeria: characterized by a sturdy stem, it adapts to any environment.

Aquatic plants for aquariums what they are, how to choose them 4

Easy to grow aquarium plants

If your wish is to have an aquarium with a suggestive set-up, made of aquatic plants, but do not go crazy trying to get the desired results, then read on. Yes why there are aquatic plants for aquarium able to grow without too much effort. Here are three examples that will allow you to achieve your goal.

The first that we point out is there Ceratophyllum Demersum which is very common in still waters. In nature you find it in stems. It is not excluded that it can even reach three meters in length. It is perfect for starting aquariums, also because it grows quickly. In addition, it stands out as a large consumer of nitrates and phosphates.

The second is the anubias nana, which resists adversity but grows very slowly. Also for this reason, it is not recommended if your goal is to flush out algae. Visually it is very beautiful and requires little care. Moreover, precisely because it grows slowly, it is not necessary to prune it. Precisely because it is small (dwarf, in fact) it can be placed on the surface of the tub.

The thirdinstead is the Hygropila Polisperma, of Indian or Malaysian origins. Being a tropical plant, it is very beautiful from an aesthetic point of view. It grows in very dense bushes and creates shade and shelter. It does not suffer from variations in the parameters in the water but prefers warm waters. As for the light, it better not be too strong.

Aquatic plants for aquariums what they are, how to choose them 5

Aquatic plants for aquariums: what they are, how to choose them – photos and pictures

Now that you know a little better about aquarium plants, you just have to put a few in your body of water.


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