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Advice on how to place plants in the garden

How to place plants in the garden? How to combine plants so that they are beautiful and healthy? Below you will find some useful ideas to better design your garden.

How to place plants in the garden 1

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The positioning of the plants in the garden must reflect your personality but, at the same time, must be functional to the healthy and luxuriant growth of the plants. The outdoor spaces, intended to welcome us during our moments of relaxation and conviviality, must have plants that do not create too much confusion. Homogeneity is the word that must resonate in your head when you start thinking about the placement of your decorative plants.

You can’t think you have a garden that is not strictly related to the environment around it. In this way, you will be able to maintain homogeneity and you will avoid unpleasant imbalances from an aesthetic point of view. A garden related to the environment is characterized, for the most part, by native vegetation that is also available at lower prices than plants not linked to the natural habitat.

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How to place plants in the garden 2

How to place plants in the garden: how to get started

Don’t think that the placement of your plants can be random. Indeed, you should first follow some rules. In addition to your personal tastes, therefore, you will have to consider the climate where you live, the soil and its pH, the green context of your garden and sun or shade.

For optimal plant placement, you will have to proceed by creating a reference project taking into account, of course, of your budget. Materially, you will need to have a pen and paper. On the sheet you will draw a map, as accurate as possible, of your garden. in the map you will also insert the walls, any hedges or trees already present, the fences and the wells. Right on the wells you can insert fountains and water points fundamental for the future irrigation of the garden.

The sketch should have adequate proportions. To do this to the maximum you can use the squares as a unit of measurement. In the drawing you will also virtually position plants and flowers, any hedges or bushes and even the furnishings. You will search, in turn, to make predictions about plant growth, making sure they hinder each other.

How to place plants in the garden 3

How to place plants in the garden: prepare the soil

As for the soil, you will need to determine if it needs to be cleaned, sifted orpossibly integrate it somewhere. Only with a good bed will you be able to choose from more varieties of plants.

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Before planting the plants, mow the lawn: you will weed out and loosen the soil. The more the soil is ready to welcome new plants, the better it will be. If you have an existing lawn in your garden you will need to aerate and fertilize it.

Then, it will be the turn of trace the contours of the flower beds with the help of a hoe. You will only be able to proceed after the ground settles well, or about ten days.

How to place plants in the garden 5

How to place plants in the garden: plants

After the soil is ready, you can purchase the plants and plant them. Before doing so, however, it is necessary that you do some tests of disposition, even without removing them from the jar. To optimize the evidence, arrange the plants and then try to get an overview by moving away for a broader perspective. It is important that the spaces are respected.

According to the general rules, you should start from the hedges, a real frame and divider for your outdoor space. Afterwards, you can be a little freer and arrange the plants based on your creativity and personality. If you are a chaotic person you can choose plants with lush vegetation, a little messy but that do not require excessive care.

Selfinstead you are a neat person, you will love geometric flower beds, precisely designed in which each natural element has its very specific place. To make the garden the way you want it, you will need to study the plant species and their blooms.

If you are looking for inspiration, think, for example, of Italian-style gardens characterized by precise geometries but also by plants typical of the place. Unmissable citrus trees.

Only after that you will be satisfied you can start with the planting of freshly bought plants and flowers. Each will need a space in the ground necessary to contain it. Together with the plant you will have to put some soil together with a little fertilizer. Proceed to water when the sun is setting.

How to place plants in the garden 4

How to place plants in the garden: photos and pictures

Are you ready to create your own oasis of peace? We have provided you with the tools to do this. The design part could be fun, even for dreaming a little in a time when there is much need.


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