Exterior staircases

Exterior staircases

The exterior design of our house is super important, so today I took on the task of looking for some ideas that may inspire you to choose the exterior staircase design of your house, since nowadays many houses are two-storey or simply because they have a type of terrace on top that can be used as a meeting point. So thinking about all the possibilities I was choosing the best options in my opinion of these staircase designs that will make it easier for you to choose a suitable model for your home. I hope you like all the options as much as I do.

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Blacksmithing is one of the materials most used for stairs both exterior and interior, you can hardly come across a material more resistant than this and that you can also customize to your liking, you can paint it in different colors, plus you can combine them with other materials such as wood in different shades that will make it look even more beautiful. It depends a lot on the style of your house the design that you will choose for your staircase, so pay attention to the proposals and to the styles above all, because you will run into several.

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Next I would like you to see in the bottom part the rest of the designs of stairs for exterior that I found to share you today in where you will be able to see the great variety of designs that you can find in the market and that clear each one will give you a different touch to your home so that you achieve the design that you have always wanted. Don’t forget that you can share these ideas on your social networks with family or friends who you think might be interested in the proposals.

Blacksmith staircases

They are the most common staircases for homes.

Concrete stairs

Along with the blacksmith’s stairs, the concrete stairs are the most used because they adapt perfectly to any style of housing.

Modern staircases

Completely blacksmith stairs can give your home a super modern look.

Contemporary staircases

If you have a contemporary style home you can consider this staircase design.

Blacksmith’s stairs with concrete

You can combine two materials in the design of your staircase, for example in this image the blacksmith’s staircase is combined with wood to create a more modern style.

Other alternatives

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These staircase alternatives are incredible because they avoid accidents, are anti-slip and safer especially if you have children What do you think?

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