10 ideas for small balconies – Interior and exterior decoration

Having a balcony in our apartment is certainly a luck, no matter how small it is, we can always make this little corner a special place to enjoy the fresh air. So, we want to share a series of images with some ideas for small balconies.

10 ideas for small balconies

We can start with this example. A small balcony in which it has been chosen to create a beautiful composition of plants full of flowers; these spaces can be dressed in a thousand colors with plants. In addition, we love the use of wood in the table and chairs, which combines perfectly with the country touch of these decorative plants.

In this second image we see how it has been tried save space with a side table that is placed on the balcony railing. This way, the space can be used to place wider seats in which not only we will enjoy a breakfast or a snack, but also we will be able to lie down to read and to spend a pleasant time.

Small balconies

Even the smallest balconies can be filled with magic. We can see it in this example in which it has been chosen to decorate the walls with small lanterns of solar light. These elements are most useful, as we will not need plugs to hang them up. We simply need our balcony to receive sunlight during the day, and at night we will enjoy the most authentic atmosphere.

Decoration of a small balcony with lights

Privacy on balconies can be achieved by using fabrics or different materials to cover the original openings of the railings. In addition, in this specific example we see how they have also opted for a space-saving side table and have decorated the rest of the balcony with wood, both on the floor and in the use of boxes to create comfortable seats.

Ideas for a small balcony

If our balcony is too small but we don’t want to do without plants, we can always bet on the vertical gardens. All we need is a wall and some skill to hang the flowerpots that will create our private garden.

Vertical garden

The shape of our balcony will help us a lot to decorate it. If we have a slightly wider balcony with “L” angles, we can always choose to place an armchair in that shape. We will manage to create a most welcoming corner.

Small balcony

In the following example we see how the pastel shades can be a hit in these spaces. In addition, we also observe a resource that we like very much, the pennant decorationThis will make our balcony much more cheerful and dynamic.

Decoration with banners

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