▷ Decoration of small terraces. Modern terraces.

On many occasions we have talked about small exteriors. A terrace, for example, no matter how big, can be taken advantage of with a little budget and a lot of ingenuity. This is what we will talk about in today’s article. Here are a few ideas for the decoration of small terracesand we hope they inspire you.

Ideas for small terraces

We will talk about several points that we believe are important in the outdoor decoration. From furniture to use flower design. Environments that are sure to inspire you and that will finally make a complete turnaround in your life. decoration of your small terrace.

Decoration of small terraces with benches

Banks are surfaces which, a priori, may appear “bulky”. But the truth is, they’re quite functional. You can use them to place them in the most unsuspected corners. Those you couldn’t use any other way, or at least you wouldn’t do it so well.

Another very interesting option, especially for those who love eat outdoorsis to use benches next to the terrace table (if you have one). That way you’ll be solving a lot with little. Why do we say that? There’s more room to sit on a bench, so your guests will be a little more comfortable. Or you could just have more guests sitting at the table. As we can see, with little we can get beautiful terraces.

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Small terraces with wooden benches

Beautiful terraces

More ideas for decorating small terraces

Who said there’s no room for fun? In the market we can get hanging armchairs like the one we can see in the image, which occupy little space and serve as swings. One of the most fun elements that will probably be disputed by all the members of the family, and it is even likely that agreements will have to be reached.

Decoration of small terraces

Round tables for house terraces

If it is a small space, something typical of the house terracesThe best thing is to bet on round tables. These take up less space. You will still have a surface area for breakfast, lunch, dinner or mid-afternoon coffee. However, it shall occupy less than any square or rectangular table. Now, don’t put a round table for 20 people in one. small terrace or the effect will be the opposite. Less is more.

Small outdoor round tables

Small round tables for small terraces

Low tables for modern terraces

The low tables, those typical to take coffee or any snack, are highly recommended for anyone looking for ideas for modern terraces. You must bear in mind that, being lower, you leave the upper part clear, that is, it does not interfere visually. Anything we don’t fill will be perceived as extra space. Thus, a low side table (or coffee table), accompanied by sofa-type seating furniture or armchairs, can be an excellent resource for houses with terraces.

Modern terraces

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