Top-loading laundry dryers

If your clothes always accumulate in the bucket and you do not have time to dry before putting another one, it is time to come up with a new solution. The washing machine you have may not be the right capacity for your family and, in addition, the clothesline is always full. Have you considered a washing machine? And yes, there are top-loading ones.

When choosing the one that best suits your needs, you have to keep a few things in mind. The first, the capacity, it is true that we want it to be of a higher load but going over the capacity will only cause us to spend more energy. Having washing programs is also a plus, it greatly simplifies the task and ensures safe laundry. And finally, the material from which it is made. If it is white, it is plastic so it is cheaper. The gray ones, are made of stainless steel, cost more but are more durable.

Once you have all this in mind, it is time to choose yours.

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Best Top Load Washer Dryers

Here is our selection of top-loading washer-dryers so that, taking into account all your needs, you can find the one that best suits you.

The classic


Smart Pro Washer Dryer


€ 399.00

With a classic white design that allows up to 9 kilos of clothes in the washing machine and 6 in the dryer. It has 7 fast and efficient programs, of less than 1h for all kinds of colors and fabrics. You can also connect your washing machine to the simply-Fi App and get remote control, washing or drying advice and immediate assistance.

Very efficient


Hisense WDBL1014V


€ 579.99

It has an extremely powerful and highly efficient motor designed to offer better energy efficiency, longer life, lower noise level and improved washing results. It has a capacity of up to 10 kilos and a very innovative design.



Haier HWD90-BP14636-S


€ 508.12

It has the ABT Antibacterial system, which eliminates 99.8% of the bacteria in the detergent drawer and the washer dryer hatch, preventing their proliferation. You can also decide when you need the cycle to end and the washer dryer will calculate the start time.

With auto-doser


Samsung WD10T534DBW / S3


€ 695.96

Forget about having to put the detergent in each wash, you will only have to fill the tank and the washing machine will take care of placing the necessary amount. It has artificial intelligence that, through an analysis of your habits, suggests programs and shows you the recommended options depending on the weather conditions and the type of laundry.



With a TurboWash 59 technology, which guarantees a 59-minute wash at half load. It also has artificial intelligence AI Direct Drive that detects the characteristics of the fabric and the load.

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