the best kitchen robots to buy on Amazon

There is still a lot of skepticism surrounding the kitchen robots, but the experience is usually always the same: once you try them, you no longer imagine life without them. Basically because they save you a lot of time and it is also usually a great alternative for those people who do not have much skill in the kitchen: with them we make sure that any dish always tastes good, something that we cannot guarantee on our own.

And yes, in this Thermomix takes the cake as kitchen robot pioneer. But there are others that fulfill very similar functions, are well valued and cost (much) less – ahem, Lidl, ahem. And in Amazon The offer is wide, but we have made a selection of those who have the best opinions and, which are also on sale thanks to the Black friday that has arrived on the platform in advance.

From the simplest, like the famous Crock-Pot slow cooker, going through more complex robots such as Moulinex –The same that Carlos Ríos uses in his recipes–, or that of Cecotec, the best seller of the platform. With them you can cook several dishes at the same time, from sweets to salted, going through sauces or masses. And they have more than 30 different functions and hundreds of recipes included in them digitally.

The fever for kitchen robots, comparable to what air fryers live, is skyrocketing now more than ever. And it is likely that you will also fall into them after seeing the juicy discounts that some have.

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The best kitchen robots to buy on Black Friday

Moulinex ClickChef HF4SPR30 food processor

It has 32 different functions (grinding, blending, kneading, sautéing, steaming …), 200 options in its digital recipe book and 5 automatic programs: simmering, cream, dough, steam cooking and sauces.


Original price: € 299 | Current price with offer: € 289.99

Cecotec kitchen robot, the best seller

It’s a rampage on Amazon (its 1,800+ reviews prove it) and now you can find it for almost half the price. It has 30 different functions –including that of a yogurt maker–, its jug is made of stainless steel and includes a boiling basket to be able to prepare up to 4 preparations at the same time.


Cecotec Kitchen Robot Mambo 9590

Original price: € 449 | Current price with offer: € 259

Crock-Pot Slow Cooker

You have heard of it on countless occasions and it is no wonder. Its price is more than affordable if we take into account its result. By cooking slowly, it intensifies the flavor of the food. Ideal for preparing spoon dishes (lentils and stew come out tremendous), although in it, in reality, you can do everything. Desserts included.


You can find it now on Amazon for € 44.99.

IKOHS Chefbot food processor

More modest, but also powerful is the option proposed by IKOHS. At 30% you can find their food processor, which includes a book with recipes. It has 23 different functions and 10 speeds that allow cooking temperatures from 37º to 120º.


IKOHS CHEFBOT Compact food processor

Original price: € 214.95 | Current price with offer: € 149.95

Moulinex Maxichef Advance Robot

It is probably the most economical, but at the same time one of the ones with the best evaluations. It is simpler than the previous ones, but it incorporates 45 cooking programs: baked, steamed, stewed, fried, baby food, yogurt, creams, desserts, rice, fermenting bread …


Moulinex MK812121 Maxichef Advance

Original price:€ 129.99 | Current price with offer: € 77.99

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