Learn to mix decorative styles and you will succeed!

The sense of taste and aesthetics are presupposed, but they must be educated. At Micasa we offer you the keys to interior design and we always advance new trends in decoration in furniture, accessories, auxiliaries and textiles.

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In reality, our house is a projection of ourselves, so it needs to be multifaceted, like our personality. It’s a trial and error game until you are clear about the environment of your dreams. It is important to know the aesthetic trends of interior design, but would you be able to pass this test on decorative styles?

Many times you have avoided mixing styles because you think that you will not like the result. You are wrong, in decoration it is important know some basic rules for hitting the ball.

Practice the Pareto Principle

mix styles wall art

A decorative style always has to predominate.

Miriam Yeleq / HEARST

Also known as the 80/20 rule. In interior design, it is applied when 80% of the decoration has a defined style – which is represented in the stalls of colors, furniture and lighting – and, the remaining 20%, would have a unique character, with striking accessories or pieces that attract attention. It is very important that the house is balanced so that it is not a struggle between decorative lines and designs. This game of proportions is perfectly interpreted in this dining room by interior designer Paula Duarte, who mixes natural materials with accessories and metal furniture.

Narrative line

mix of decoration styles

Bet on a color as a decorative thread.

Mauricio Fuertes

Decoration is a way of telling stories, so you need a common thread to bring meaning to the scene. It can be the color in textiles, flooring or wall tiles, such as this blue environment, which is a design by Estils i Formes. Although, styles can also be merged, in principle opposite, but that amalgamate well. Unleash your creativity and look for new options to give a new look to your house. Good fusion usually brings new trends and, many of them, become a trend. Thus was born, for example the style noretnic, which mixes the Nordic with the ethnic, or the japandi, an amalgamation of Japanese and Scandinavian design.

Premium functionality

mix of styles to decorate

Functionality is the first step in creating environments.


Don’t start the house from the roof. Think about the essential basic furniture in your house. In the living room, it will be the sofa; in the bedrooms, the beds; in the bathroom, the sink, and, in the kitchen, the cooking area. The auxiliary furniture and textile accessories are what will give personality to each room. You can also take advantage of making work furniture to optimize spaces or storage space, such as these shelves under the windows, which accompany the reading corner decorated by Mercedes Postigo.

Unique pieces

mix decor styles

A designer piece sets the mood.

Alicia macias

Hybrid atmospheres need a spotlight, which will also define the character of the space. Look for a striking mirror, a ceiling lamp with an impressive design – like the one that prevails in this striking interior design by Boor Studio – or an armchair vintage; and you’ll see how it grabs attention. You will have to learn to balance the volumes with the colors so that it is not an environment kitsch, unless this is your true intention. Very important! Buy auxiliaries of different prices, do not limit yourself to a piece of design that you would only have if you were rich, because you will always find more affordable options for your pocket.

Good proportions

mix decor styles

Plan the proportions of each piece of furniture.

Pablo Sarabia / HEARST

The sofa will mark the space of the living room, so you have to view pieces at different heights, but that are related to each other by the color palette, the materials or the decoration style. The proposals with plants are also valid, since they completely change the corners. In this case, the interior designer María Collado from Hostmaker had to complement a sofa upholstered in navy blue, so she did not hesitate to focus on an original green sideboard, with print vegetable, and a swing chair. In the case of bedrooms, try combining side tables in different styles, dressing the beds with different textiles and cushions that change the perspective, or combining seats or armchairs in different sizes. Visualize the space as a painting and move the volumes and lines until the perfect proportion is found.

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