Kitchens with office: 2 examples for several or for one

We use the kitchen more and more to eat, but the story changes a lot if we talk about the kitchen of a family with children (or that of a shared apartment), or if it is the kitchen of a single apartment. The dining room that you put in the kitchen will vary in each case depending on the various uses that are given to the office in the kitchen. Take note of these two examples. In the first we have chosen a spacious kitchen and bright with white furniture, and a functional table with drawers. In the second case, a small gray kitchen with a mini office, ideal for a single. And in both cases we propose a list of furniture and parts to copy the style. Which is yours?

1 Dining room in the kitchen for a family or a shared flat

There are many of you and with different schedules. And teleworking is added to the usual lack of meters in a shared flat, which has modified the decoration of the houses.

kitchens with dining area

Protect the floor from scratches with a carpet: Tårbäk measures 170 x 240 cm (199 €). Desk Norden (€ 179). Everything from Ikea.


The extendable and book-type tables They are very practical, because they can be opened when necessary and closed so that they do not obstruct the passage. Choose a model that includes storage areas: thus, during meals you can store office supplies and clear the surface. On the seats, play with different shapes, colors, and decorative styles to create a more dynamic ensemble.

2 Dining room in the kitchen for a single floor

Being a single, most likely your house has the right meters, so the ideal will be a mini dining room. Our recommendation: find a corner in the kitchen to taste the dish as soon as it is prepared, and with a raised table, like a bar, with a round envelope to facilitate the passage.

kitchens with dining area

Custom worktop; furniture Sofiaby Delinia; and ceiling lamp Kastelli (€ 39.99). In Leroy Merlin.

Leroy merlin

Place a high stool, with a backrest that collects the lumbar region and footrest to be more comfortable. Fundamental: That the area has a good Wi-Fi connection to watch your series while you eat or have dinner.

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