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Possibly, the kitchen is the room in the house where we store more things in less square meters, especially if it is small and we do not have a separate pantry. However, its reduced space does not necessarily mean that you cannot enjoy a flirty, practical and efficient kitchen without losing its style. We have seen that there are many ideas and storage items to make the most of every corner, but if there is one versatile and multifunctional one that fits any environment, it is undoubtedly the kitchen trolley. Wooden, metallic, with rustic reminiscences or retro air, this product will allow you to store everything you want and keep the order. We have made a selection with the best models according to your needs and the decoration of your kitchen.



41,99 €

It has three levels with lockable wheels. This trolley is practical and functional as it not only serves to organize the kitchen, but can also be used for the bathroom, bedroom or as a method of storing work tools. Its design, made of steel and in black, gives a retro touch to the room.

For every corner


51,99 €

This narrow (17 cm wide) and tall trolley is perfect for taking advantage of any free space left in your kitchen. It has three shelves and two removable drawers to store food and condiments.

White wood


Accompany your kitchen furniture with this white auxiliary trolley to give more space to the reduced space. A design that adapts to any type of decoration, with three heights and divided into two modules, one with a door to store larger utensils.



69,90 €

Made of bamboo, this cart is the ideal height to fit next to the kitchen furniture. It is composed of four heights, one with a drawer, two removable trays and a shelf to keep the wine bottles.

Industrial kitchen


If your kitchen is decorated in an industrial style, there will be no better cart to merge with the environment than this one. Made of metal and steel, and in black, it has three open shelves, two towel racks and a metal working deck.

For a rustic atmosphere


159,99 €

Its design with doors makes this car another module of the kitchen. But its versatility doesn’t stop there. The cabinet has a large storage space and the drawer is removable. In addition, it can be used as a mobile station for preparing food or grilling.



95,99 €

Space for six bottles, two shelves, two drawers and two racks to put the fruit or vegetables; a handle for the cloths and a ceramic countertop to prepare food. Can you ask anything else from this kitchen trolley? Obviously not.



64,90 €

Small, compact and with clean and simple lines. This cart is the perfect accessory for your kitchen. The three shelves are made of moisture-resistant bamboo fixed to a black steel structure. The waitress has raised edges for safe transportation.

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