How to organize the change of season at home: order at home


– Impeccable order. If you have a cupboard-type closet and its doors also allow you to see inside, you must follow these tricks to get the most out of it. Aim:
– Everything by hand. Divide the clothes into categories (sheets, towels, cushions …). Top bed linen that are out of season, pillows, duvet covers
or quilts, the latter take up too much space. Put at eye level what you use most often, such as towels and sheets, which you change every week. Take advantage and use the pillowcase to store the complete set inside. The towels, stack them by sizes and colors. The tablecloths, put them next to their napkins and wrap them in tissue paper.
– Fresh aroma.
On each shelf, place lavender sachets or cedar sachets, this way they will protect your clothes from moths and give them aroma.

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