Here are 4 examples of kitchens with a bar or an island

These two solutions make the work much easier and help to make precious square meters profitable… and they’re not just for avant-garde kitchens! We present you 4 kitchens: two with a bar and two with an island.

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Kitchen with island

DE CERAMICS. The worktop of the central island is tiled, a very practical surface for easy cleaning and maintenance.


The field as inspiration. Wardrobe doors and walls have a finish reminiscent of neo-rustic designs. In light wood, it combines with worktops in darker and more natural tones.

Walls with slatted frieze. The white slatted flooring is the perfect backdrop for a kitchen of this style. It also contrasts well with the grey of the ceiling and looks great with the trim.

Lamps with wiring. The long cable from which these “industrial” type luminaires are suspended adds to the decoration.


Kitchen with bar

This kitchen, by Leroy Merlin, is an open design and is integrated into the living area. The fabrics screen they let in the light but protect from the view and the heat.


Wood and graphite. Two shades that match very well. The dark grey, almost black, of the furniture and worktop, puts a contemporary accent, and the introduction of wooden elements -the suspended wardrobe- tempers a very cold palette.

Outrigger. It lightens the whole, as it is not solid but hollow. It is barely visually heavy.

Two ground tones. To differentiate environments, the floor in the kitchen area is a little darker than in the dining room. It is barely noticeable enough to create that subtle boundary.


Kitchen with island

ON THE ROOF. This model of hood visually expands and adds a super modern touch to the area.

Rafael Diéguez / HEARST

Sky-blue paint and orange sparks. The bright blue of the kitchen enhances white or steel-finished surfaces. To counteract this, the orange stool – a complementary colour to the blue – adds a sparkling note and brightens up the space.

Minimal surfaces. The cabinets are lacquered in glossy white, without any adornment or handles. They accentuate the feeling of cleanliness and neatness.

The main island. The module in which the kitchen plate is integrated is the focus of attention, especially its impressive steel-free hood.


Kitchen with a semicircular bar

Conforama proposes an avant-garde concept of the kitchen with this original bar. A storage formula that combines shelves and cupboards with doors.


Cabinets and curved furniture. The highlight of the kitchen is its unique “appendix” in a semi-circle. The furniture houses cabinets and shelves
and it’s topped off with a double breakfast bar.

No high furniture. There are no high and low cabinets, but a modular assembly that forms a compact block with elements of various heights.

Washable wallpaper. This coating has been used in reverse. In other words, the kitchen area was wallpapered with a retro style model, while the dining room area was covered with paint.

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