Perfect furnishings for the ethnic style

Ethnic style: the best furniture to decorate your home. The latest trends for a trendy apartment. And what furniture to buy to enrich the atmosphere.


The ethnic style at home it evokes distant and mysterious places, full of adventurous stories, vivid memories and magical settings. And it is precisely for this reason that, when it is furnished, it becomes an irresistible and precious choice, creating unique atmospheres. In other words, it is unmatched, since combines the design traditions of other countries for an impeccable and unrepeatable result.

However, sometimes you risk taking this choice of furniture lightly, contenting yourself with collecting travel souvenirs and memories of exotic holidays. But the ethnic style needs specific furniture and elements who know how to complete it and make the most of it. Therefore, we must learn about the furniture of the ethnic style: from the smallest object to the largest piece of furniture.

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Living room ethnic style furniture

The ethnic style furniture reflects the traditions and cultures of the places from which it takes inspiration. For example, one of the concepts that we have to materially recreate when we furnish is the sense of welcome and hospitality which many cultures consider fundamental. Then, we can transmit it with a pleasant and delicate living area, with some elements that will make our guest’s stay more pleasant.

One of these is undoubtedly the central table in the living area. In this way, we will create a conversation area equipped with every comfort. To be on the safe side, we always choose a solid wood coffee table, dark, rich in carvings and moldings. Thus, it will fit well in a living room with both a dark and light palette.

Then, to accompany, in addition to the fabulous fabric sofa, there will be two armchairs in rattan or bamboo. In fact, with both materials, you will get an excellent result that is perfectly consistent with the ethnic style. Finally, enrich the armchairs with two pillows soft, with cotton or silk lining.


Then, a nice and informal element of the ethnic style is the pouf. And not only for the living room, but we can also arrange it in the bedroom or, why not, in the bathroom. On the market there are many variations, with materials and geometric designs. For example, for a nicer and more creative effect, we buy round poufs in pachtwork. Otherwise, if we want to enrich the room with a precious touch, let’s buy them in faux leather.

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Finally, as a last but not least touch, let’s remember the carpets. In this case, we need to do a thorough research: we opt for fabrics handmade and twisted into elaborate fantasies or made of materials valuable.

Wohnzimmer im Ethnostil mit Orchideen auf dem Couchtisch

Ethnic style bedroom furniture

The headboard of the bed will be one of the most important elements for ethnic style furniture. In fact, regardless of the place you are inspired by, it will have to be finely elaborated and rich in refined details. For example, we will buy one rattan or bamboo headboard braided for a more African look. Or, if our aim is an Indian atmosphere, we choose the headboard in dark wood, carved with geometric and decorative shapes.

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Then, if we want get a informal bedroom and more youthful, instead of the usual and discounted bed structure, we buy a bamboo futon bed. The rounded shapes and resistant slats will give you the idea of ​​flying during your most beautiful dreams.

Finally, the touch of class: of the linen or silk curtains for a sleeping area hidden from prying eyes. And not just on the windows. Indeed, let’s hang them on the bed to canopy or let’s use them instead of the door, for a mysterious effect I see – I don’t see.


Kitchen furnishings

Entering the kitchen, you immediately have the feeling of being catapulted to another place. And not just for the heady smells of ethnic dishes.

First, let’s hang some wooden shelves: they will be used to place the many fragrant spices for our dishes. In fact, i spice jars set they are practically a decorative element, which serves to give charm to the final result.

Then, let’s not forget that nature is also transformed into furniture. So, we buy some aromatic seedlings to put on our window sill.

Finally, a fundamental piece of furniture to buy is the cupboard. Often, in fact, having an extra space in the kitchen to store objects and utensils is useful. In addition, it gives a livelier touch to the home. For example, we buy a sideboard solid wood, perhaps painted in pastel colors.


Furniture and decorations

Finally, there are some recurring furniture in the ethnic style that can be used in multiple places in the house.

THE storage furniture I’m a solution save space, both because we can keep objects of various types inside them, and because they will be used to display souvenirs and other decorative elements. For example, the Maisons du cabinet Monde, to € 299, is the ideal component for an ethnic stay, thanks to its arabesque designs and its precious wood.


Instead, if we want to give a more sober look to the ethnic style, getting closer to the very fashionable ethnic-chic, the sideboard in white wood, always of Maisons du Monde, is very charismatic, thanks to the elaborate carvings. It costs 649.99 .


Instead, if we prefer a drier and less decorated style, we buy one solid teak sideboard. This wood is highly recommended in the ethnic style, thanks to its incredible resistance and its particular colors. You can find it on Tikamoon for € 629.


On the shelves, the handicraft items bought abroad or in old antique shops. We always prefer handmade items, such as masks traditional, woven tapestries or figurines votive. In this way, we will give authenticity to our ethnic style home through the skilled hands of the craftsmen.


Perfect furniture for the ethnic style: images and photos

In conclusion, the ethnic style is a journey rich in history, traditions and cultures. And if you still have any doubts about how to furnish your home, browse the image gallery! You will find photos and ideas that will be the icing on the cake.


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