Maisons du Monde Novità decorazioni da parete 2021

Maisons du Monde New wall decorations 2021

Sometimes an empty wall makes the surrounding environment bare. In order not to risk having a cold and neglected effect, take a look at this selection of wall decorations by Maisons du Monde.

Maisons du Monde New wall decorations 2021

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Maisons du Monde it’s a French brand of furnishing elements, decorations and accessories. Its network of stores covers many countries in central Europe and has a well-stocked eCommerce.

Always attentive to the fashions of the moment, while maintaining its main style, this well-known company presented two new lines in 2021. One is Bold, defined as an ode to curves since all the pieces that compose it have soft and welcoming shapes. The predominant colors are clear, recalling nature; they range from white to sand, with a touch of ocher and terracotta.

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The other is Craft, which encompasses handcrafted pieces in wood, wicker, rattan or ceramic. Here, too, there is no lack of soft shades.

Following these two trends, five collections were born, ranging from fabrics to furnishings: Taroudant, Comporta, Florence, Agriates and Formentera.

One of the flagships of Maisons du Monde are the wall decorations. It starts with frames and squares, which rarely exceed € 10, up to the most sophisticated mirrors, which can cost as much as € 500. Here is our selection.


Decorations and frames

The wall decorations are very fashionable furnishing accessories and help to connote the style of your home. You can use them to embellish an empty wall, but also to give an extra touch to an already furnished environment.

Moreover, simply by changing the decorations you will give a new look to every room, a cheap and fast way to renovate your rooms. If with the arrival of spring you want to decorate with flowers, this one metal crown and dried flowers that’s just the thing for you.


These too swallows in golden metal SUZANNE (x3) are ideal for livening up an apartment, from the living room to the bedroom. They can be replaced or combined with existing decorations, the important thing is that the final effect is consistent.


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Travel lovers will not let it slip away TOMMY, a geographic map in fir and black perforated metal. You can hang it as it is or add flags and photos that mark the places on the globe that you have already visited.


Self instead you know wine, in your kitchen can not miss the decoration of the next photo. insert inside only the bottle caps more prestigious or those uncorked on special occasions so that it becomes a real family heirloom.


Picture frames are also a beautiful way to decorate walls. In a shabby house chic will look great this multiple multicolored frame, suitable for practically any room. You can insert up to five photos or decide to leave empty spaces as in the following image.


If your home is more ethno chic, don’t miss it MALLORCA, there leaf-shaped frame in golden metal which is part of the new Formentera collection. It too can hold up to 5 photos.



With the advent of mobile phones, wrist watches are used almost purely for their aesthetic side. The same could be true for wall clocks.

DUBAI it is a very special watch, in golden metal. Its shape and size make it suitable for occupying prominent positions, such as the wall behind the headboard of the double bed.


If you have chosen the industrial style, you cannot miss it HORACE, a magnificent mango clock with engraved numbers. It will look great in the kitchen or in the open space, assuming you have one.


And let’s go back to lovers of good wine. DETROIT it’s a clock in glass and black metal inside which you can insert all the caps of what you drank. In fact, it does not necessarily have to be cork, you could also decide to fill it with those of beer.



Mirrors have a double function. The first is purely practical, that is to see one’s own image reflected and the second more aesthetic, to give character to the environment in which they are found.

In fact, if well positioned, the mirrors visually expand the space and enrich it. This is the main use of LANDSMEER is DONATELLO, compositions of mirrors in gilded metal.


If you are looking for something for the bedroom, the triptych MARJOLAINE has a retro taste, and it’s perfect to combine the ancient with the modern.


In the hall, a very nice idea is BERGEN. In this case its function is even triple because it is equipped with a convenient shelf, and is also a coat hanger (4 hooks).


Paintings, canvases and murals

The most classic way to decorate the walls are always canvases and paintings. The range of products available is very wide so you will be spoiled for choice.

If you are looking for something more modern, you can opt for one mural inscription. The one in the next photo it adapts to different styles, from Nordic to industrial, and if you don’t like this color you can always repaint it.


Maisons du Monde New wall decorations 2021: images and photos

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