How to furnish a house in perfect 80s style

If you love the roaring 80s and would like to furnish your home in perfect style, then here are a series of ideas to inspire you. From bright colors to the sinuous shapes of the furniture, from the combinations of materials to soft lighting. The 80s express the joy of living and the desire to share, but also functionality, comfort and aesthetic exuberance.


The 80s they are well known for their eccentricity. Indeed, bright colors match with geometric shapes or ad animal accents. There password was to dare. And this concept translates, for example, intocombination of materials is different shapes. The result a lively mix it’s colored which expresses joy and joie de vivre.

This style, in the last tempthe, is coming back overwhelmingly a lot trendy. But what are the elements that cannot be missing to make a house in perfect 80’s style? A key role is certainly played by accessories. From large colored vases, to paintings, carpets to lighting. If you too want to furnish your home in perfect 80s style, there are some elements that cannot be missing. Let’s find out together.

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Open space

The open space so much in vogue currently, they established themselves in the 1980s. Large spaces that they had the goal of making the home more comfortable and extremely functional. At the center of the open space stands the large and colorful sofa and strictly in leather. There relaxation area was the place dedicated to conviviality and the joy of being together. But also an opportunity to show off with their friends and relatives of their own personality by exhibiting the own memorabilia.


The couch

As we said earlier the sofa becomes the real star of the living area. Large, colorful and strictly in leather. It is the place to relax and welcome guests. And if you want to welcome your guests even for the night, here is the sofa bed is fundamental for its twofold functionality.


The low table

The low coffee table for living room, pulled up to the sofa. Fundamental to support everything we need. The goal, in addition to its natural aesthetic function, is to act as a support and to guarantee maximum relaxation when we are on the sofa.

Imagine the scene: complete relaxation on the comfortable sofa, watching a good movie and eating a bowl of popcorn! It is a classic image that we also find in the American sitcoms inspired by that period.


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We cannot talk about the 80s without referring to the colors that characterize this style. Shades on, bright colors, strong colors that express the joy of living and the exuberance of this period. Red, green, blue, orange, purple and everything that expresses joy. Black and white are used only to enhance geometric shapes, another must of the period.


The materials

If you want to recreate an environment in perfect 80’s style, then you cannot give upcombination of different materials. Marble, wood, glass, metal, leather combine perfectly to innovative materials such as plastic, plexiglass.

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The combination of these materials, although it may seem risky in some respects, creates plays of light and atmospheres of great effect. As we can see, for example, in the next photo, a marble coffee table is combined with plexiglass chairs, leather sofas and metal statues. A truly original and highly effective mix.


The lighting

L’lighting it’s another big one protagonist of the 80’s style environments. In fact, they cannot be missing metal or plastic lamps that create asoft and colorful atmosphere. It is also in this period that neon lights spread and become real pieces of furniture.


The geometric shapes

To recreate the 80’s style you can’t give up geometric shapes. Cubes, rhombuses, squares animate wallpapers and other decorative elements like the greats carpets which reproduce these abstract textures. Atmospheres that you cannot help but notice upon entering a room. Alongside the geometric shapes, very popular in that period are also the Floreal patterns.


Kitchen with peninsula

Is exactly in the 80s that some pieces of furniture are born that today have become i protagonists of our homes. It is, in fact, the case of kitchen with peninsula which was born in this period. Designed for singles or young couples who want to eat a meal quickly, are simple and functional and generally combined with high stools create a modern and trendy environment.


The mirrors

An accessory widely used in interior design in the 1980s is the mirror. Large and colorful, inspired by geometric shapes they have the dual function not only of furnishing, but also of creating plays of light and soft atmospheres.


The carpets

We have already mentioned above the very popular use of carpets in the 80s. Large, colorful or black and white, inspired by geometric shapes original or abstract, but also animalier accents. The rugs decorate the living area and help create an impressive environment that your guests will not be able to help but notice.


The furniture

If geometric shapes characterize carpets and wallpapers, in furniture instead sinuous lines and rounded shapes triumph. The furniture, made of materials other than wood, to innovative materials are practical and functional. Metal tables, plexiglass chairs, but also consoles, 4 seasons wardrobes.


Four seasons wardrobe

We end our return to the 80s with the bedroom in this style. Considered one private space to be able to furnish at will the bedroom follows personal tastes. But it can not miss in this space, thefour seasons wardrobe. It is a wardrobe large and spacious that does not force you to make the change of season, but perfect to have everything at your fingertips.


How to furnish the house in the style of the 80s: photos and images

Do you love the 80’s style and would you like to recreate it in your home? So here is a series of images that will take you directly to that period and let yourself be inspired for your creations.


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