A flat with communicating spaces and lots of light

The colour white in all its shades is the undisputed protagonist of this 75 m² flat, renovated and decorated by the Triart studio. Faced with a small and old-fashioned house, they knew how to see and take advantage of the elements with possibilities, getting a well done reform, at a good price.

After analyzing the state of the house, we decided to restore the existing wooden floor and to recover the brick walls which were, of course, painted white to integrate them and cause the light to bounce. This effect, added to the large windows that were installed, guarantees the mimicry with the vegetation that surrounds the house. In line with this idea, the new layout is based on the communication of spaces and the free flow of light.

a flat with communicating spaces

Layout plan: The architectural studio Triart proposed the reform of this house of only 75 m2 based on the communication of spaces and facilitating the passage of natural light. To this end, several partitions were removed and large windows were opened. Today the organization is perfect, very spacious and well organized.

Renato Navarro

The living area and the dining room, located in the same space, achieve a certain independence, thanks to a simple white metal library that acts as a separator, also offering storage capacity and a built-in bioethanol chimney. Particularly noteworthy, attached to this space, is a small terrace equipped with plants and a powerful source of light, thanks to the replacement of the old opaque door with a glass model.

a flat with communicating spaces living room with terrace

The couch is from the Jocal firm.

Renato Navarro

The organization of the furniture acquires great importance in the living room, since the pieces themselves define the spaces. A corner sofa delimits to the millimetre the living area, while the bookcase marks the separation with the dining room.

a flat with communicating spaces living room with fireplace

The armchair is by Zanini, the shelf by Firgal and the carpet by Bykamy.

Renato Navarro

A simple, custom-made metal bookcase is the ideal separator between the living and dining areas.

On a white wall and upholstery base, touches of wood play a key role in introducing a feeling of warmth. The armchair or the slatted shutters are great allies in this sense.

a flat with communicating spaces living room with fireplace

Firgal’s shelf.

Renato Navarro

In order to maintain the lightness of the atmosphere, it was decided to make the dining room independent by means of a white metal bookcase.

a floor with communicating spaces wooden dining room

John Graz design dining chairs and dining table, Alfio Lisi design, both from Dpot.

Renato Navarro

The original brick wall was beautifully integrated by painting it white like the rest of the house. In contrast, the dining room was chosen to be retro with wooden and leather chairs.

The kitchen is also semi-open to the living room, with a wide passageway that visually enlarges it and allows light to pass through. It is planned to be compartmentalised, to gain a very practical washing and storage area.

a flat with communicating spaces a living room with hatches

Armchair, by Zanini; and little table, by Dpot.

Renato Navarro

The old-fashioned dish hatch here becomes a small breakfast bar, which also allows natural light to pass from the living room to the kitchen work area.

a flat with communicating spaces kitchen

Renato Navarro

Taking advantage of a recess in the wall, a customised furniture area was created where all the appliances fit perfectly.

The rest area, with the en-suite bathroom, was very important to the owners; they wanted to create a haven of peace and harmony for relaxation. For this reason, the bedroom has the basic elements and a complete white decoration. The absence of superfluous pieces encourages a feeling of spaciousness in line with the rest of the house based, above all, on the search for light and calm.

a flat with communicating spaces white bedroom

Jocal’s headboard.

Renato Navarro

In the bedroom, white is once again the main colour, both in textiles and in furniture. The large headboard upholstered in linen stands out.

a flat with communicating spaces bathroom

Renato Navarro

Thanks to the design of the bathroom, which is completely customised and built, the space seems much larger.

The need to have a large bathtub and shower at the same time led the Triart studio to propose a bathroom based on the elements of the work. Thus, we see a custom-made bathtub with a wall niche for the soaps and the remote control. The washbasin unit was ordered along the same lines.


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