5 reasons to reform your kitchen

There are several reasons to remodel the kitchen. Here are a few. And a few ideas for you to renew this room, the trend views and enjoy it. Take note.


Because you need an office

Because your family has grown up or simply because you want to have a corner in your kitchen for breakfast, dinner … If you don’t have much space, take a look at this example: leave cabinets only on one wall – better, if they are white, than they give spaciousness–, where the work area will also be, and set up the office with a simple table (if it is round, you can attach it to almost any corner) and a couple of chairs or stools. The storage space, in this case, grows with some very original drawers fixed to the wall: they do not overload the space and can be very useful.


Because you like to innovate

And your kitchen’s turn has come. And you want something different, original, unique. Take a look at this great idea from Ikea: black cabinets, very simple handles and a clear upper part, with the free hood. In order not to overload the space, there are only cabinets on one of the fronts. In the other, a shelf is more than enough to create the atmosphere of a young, different kitchen.


Because you want to have more light

A lot of light. Well, you know: the base, white cabinets. The walls, also white. As for the lights, look for the natural ones and make the most of them (in the kitchen in the image, a kind of passage area has been created to better receive all the light sources). Do not forget to put spotlights on the cabinets and under them, to illuminate the work area. Put a large lamp on the office. If you get a striking light effect, dare to put something in black. You’ll love it! If you can’t find the right formula or don’t find what you want, ask the professionals for help: Ikea’s kitchen specialist service will give you a hand and help you get the kitchen of your dreams.


Because your kitchenware deserves to be tidy

Yes, you have been accumulating utensils and your kitchen is in chaos. You need storage space at all costs. Since you start to reform, bet on spacious closets in the lower part, with a lot of depth. Remember that space is much better used if, instead of doors, you have drawers that slide. With the right dividers, you will have everything in its place and space for everything.


Because you want to make a good investment

You have tired of your old kitchen. No more. And you want to renew it, but, since you are, you prefer something that is durable, that does not go out of style and that withstands the passage of time well. In that case, go for white, not only on the cabinets, but also on the tiles and floors. Wood is also a good option, or you can combine both – in this case, the wood is reserved for the office. A kitchen in white or light wood is an excellent investment and ensures that your kitchen does not look old-fashioned over the years (Ikea guarantees it for 25).

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