2 small, well-ordered IKEA kitchens

If you think the solution to your space problems in the kitchen is to make a reform to extend the square meters… You’re going the wrong way! Let’s see, don’t get us wrong, if that’s your dream and you can afford it, go ahead, but if you’re going to do it out of pure desperation, you should take a look at this couple of projects where ingenuity has marked a before and after.

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These are Sandra’s kitchen, known on the net as ‘pasitoapasitodecando’, and Elena’s kitchen, ‘elemorlovedecor’ on Instagram. Two projects brimming with charm where both hosts have resorted to various organizational tricks with IKEA furniture and accessories to make the most of the space – you’re going to love them! 😀


small kitchen designed in white with storage spaces


Sandra and her boyfriend live in a nice house with a mini kitchen where practicality is the most important thing.

We work all day outside the house so in the kitchen we spend about an hour a day making dinner and preparing the next day’s meal. As we have little time, it is essential to have everything at hand so that this time is as short as possible and we can rest.


tidy pantry with wooden boxes


To put order in the pantry and achieve a visually homogeneous look, it is essential to play with the boxes to separate and differentiate the foods.

To gain double height I used the OBSERVATÖR basket and to know what each box contains I placed identification labels. As there is no space to waste on the door I have added shelves and hangers. The KUNGSFORS bags are a great option for bulk shopping so after we make the purchase we put it back here.


garbage can with recycling spaces


KNODD with its KARDORNA compartments makes the task of sorting recycling a breeze. We are not at home much so we do not generate excessive amounts of garbage and this bin is perfect.

We live in Madrid, so we leave very early for work and don’t usually go home until the afternoon. If we have to arrive and we have it all chaotic we would lose a lot of time putting it up and preparing the dinners and meals for the next day. That’s why we like everything to be in its place, it’s easier to keep order!


removable drawer with rags and tablecloths


Drawers are another big challenge in the kitchen. Sandra has strategically used the Marie Kondo method for storing rags and tablecloths. So, at a glance, she has located the one she wants and without taking up space.

removable drawer with pots and pans


To sort the pans and casseroles, you have placed the small ones in the VARIERA lid holder.

The large ones are stacked one on top of the other, and since there is a gap, he has added a VARIOUS bamboo basket with a handle to make it easier to remove.

removable drawer with glass jars


In the case of the food jar drawer has chosen to use the same range (specifically, KORKEN model jars in different sizes). As they are transparent, you can easily see the contents of each jar,” he adds.


tidy refrigerator with boxes and lids


In the fridge they have also used boxes from the VARIERA line to separate the food, although this time in a smaller size to fit perfectly. In addition to reorganizing the food, they have made a renovation of the containers and bottles, eliminating the plastic ones and replacing them with glass bottles and caps.


cupboard with dishes over the sink


As for plates and glasses, Sandra has decided to keep all the dishes in this cupboard, although with an extra help. With the VARIERA shelves we have tripled the storage capacity. The cups that más utilizamos, we have on some hangers just below. On the worktop, we also have the cutting boards and the condiments we use the most, placed in a basket. So that every time we cook we have them at hand.

Having everything organized makes it easier for us to buy, since we know at every moment that it is running out and we have to sign up to buy.


kitchen cupboard with boxed lids


In this cupboard Sandra and her partner keep the caps, the pans más grandes and the accessories of the kitchen robot. In this case, they have also used VARIERA shelves to gain height and double the storage. The VARIERA boxes are used as drawers to keep the tablets separated by size. And since there was plenty of space on the sides, they used it to store the tablemats.


order in the cupboard under the sink


The area under the sink, as in many homes, is used to store cleaning and do-it-yourself products. To take advantage of the space in the door they have also added two baskets TISKEN at the door. Aquí guardamos the dishwasher tablets, cloths and scourers, so you don’t have to leave it on the counter and it gives a better sense of order.


small kitchen decorated in white with breakfast bar and stools


Now let’s get to know Elena’s kitchen, who also lives with her partner and two adorable little dogs. With only 11 m2, it has everything you need!

“We love to cook. I love pastries and amore likes the rest, and together in our kitchen we spend a lot of time. The kitchen is one of the rooms in the house that we use the most, but it doesn’t have to be the most chaotic. I think that when there is order everything flows and in particular in the kitchen it seems that even the food comes out better.


open shelves with boxes and jars in the kitchen


Sometimes we have to keep things out in the open and give up our cupboards or drawers. In Elena’s case, this is precisely what happens with her pantry. “Most of my pantry is an open space so aesthetically it’s best to keep it tidy.

On the higher shelves, he has used boxes to store non-daily kitchen utensils (hand mixer, glass mixer, baking tins and popcorn maker). On the following shelves, more within reach, he has played with the aesthetics of glass jars, specifically the KORKEN series in different sizes, to store everything that is dry food.

At the bottom of the shelf there are several baskets for storing nuts, juices and sweets, some glass jars with wooden lids for cookies and cocoa in IKEA 365+ series jars.


recycling bins under the sink


Elena’s recycling area is integrated into the cupboard under the sink itself, as is the case with Sandra. In order to be able to play with different heights inside the cabinet and to be able to store the mop bucket, they have placed an additional shelf of cabinets from the VARIERA.


Kitchen trolley with wheels between the washing machine and the worktop


Between the washing machine and one of the cabinets there was a gap large enough to be able to use it, but with the disadvantage that the door of the washing machine prevented any additional shelves or cabinets from being placed. So the perfect solution for Elena was a RÄSKOG mobile cart.

This way, you can save a lot of things like cutting boards, spices, or oils and move it aside when you have to use the washing machine. It’s very comfortable and it looks great, doesn’t it? Inside, he has organized the food with boats, like the ÖRTFYLLD or IHÄRDIG series.


pull-out drawer with lids


Elena and her partner are fans of the batch cooking and they need to save and store different dishes for the whole week. They use the IKEA 365+ series of glass mats for this purpose.

“This type of tapestry allows us to preserve food much longer. And that means less waste and more satisfaction,” explains Elena. And because they’re all from the same range, they’re much easier to organize. In this case, they are placed in the bottom drawer in this way.

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