Vinyl flooring: how to choose it, maintenance, prices

PVC floors, otherwise known as vinyl, are easy to apply and maintain. Suitable for renovations with low budgets and more. Here’s everything you need to know, how to choose it and how much it costs.


The vinyl floors they are none other than the most commonly known PVC coatings. It is about valid alternatives to the more classic ones, such as parquet and ceramic tiles, much cheaper and easier to apply and then one day remove.

Vinyl coatings have always been widely used in large structures such as schools, gyms and hospitals, precisely because of the characteristics we have just described. Thanks to the many time-tested advantages, not infrequently today they are used for commercial and residential use.

Vinyl is an innovative material, that allows high levels of customization as it can be literally cut into the shape you prefer. In most cases these are adhesive rolls, which can also be applied independently when it comes to smooth surfaces and small dimensions.

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Yet, fantasies found today on the market they are practically infinite: ranging from imitation wood with parquet effect to stone, passing through marble and linoleum. The application techniques are very simple and allow the laying of a new floor in all respects without long and costly renovations.

In reality, the most widespread use of vinyl not is in the floors, but in kitchen and bathroom coverings. The LVT, Luxury Vynil Tiles, are special vinyl tiles that allow you to give new life to your environments by combining aesthetics and practicality.

According to some outdated theories, vinyl floors would be dangerous because they release toxic substances that remain in the air and are therefore inhaled by those who frequent the environments in which they are present. We would like to underline that this is fake news as being produced for sale in the European Union, they cannot fail to have CE certificates that make them compliant and within the parameters of the Reach regulation of the European Parliament on chemicals.

The only thing to be checked during the purchase is that do not contain lead, heavy metals, solvents or harmful plasticisers.


How to choose a vinyl floor

The choice of the vinyl floor best suited to your needs It depends first of all from the installation that you will choose or if you decide to rely on a professional or you will be inclined to do it yourself.

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There are several product categories (floating, click-fit, free-standing, with installation glued to the floor or wall) and each corresponds to a different ease of installation. Again, if you want to use your PVC cladding also for sound insulation, there are versions with a heterogeneous structure that have just this purpose.

If you prefer an autonomous application, the first element to check is that the underlying floor o the screed, in the case of a new coating, is not rough or irregular and there are no damp spots. These two factors are bitter enemies of vinyl, above all because being an adhesive material they would cause it to detach in a short time.

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Yet, get a professional cutter is remember to start your work from the center of the room in order to eliminate any bubbles and cut the roll to the right length.


Features to consider before purchasing

One of the main reasons to choose a vinyl floor is its limited thickness. In most cases these are adhesive sheets of 2 mm or less, so in renovations there will be no need to file doors and balconies, with consequent savings in time and money.

One might therefore think that it is a delicate and not very wear-resistant coating; in reality it is the exact opposite. Furthermore, it is a waterproof material and suitable for humid environments like the bathroom, the laundry room and even the kitchen.

It is a product by its nature non-slip, resistant to impacts and stains, easy to maintain because it can be perfectly washed with warm water and neutral soap. But be careful because if you have floor cleaning machines or steamers, it is not recommended to use them frequently because they could cause premature detachment. Particular attention must be paid also to solvent substances, like the common acetone used to remove nail polish.

Again, it is not a floor that fears sunlight, but in the long run, particular patterns or decorations could become discolored. If this happens or if for any reason you are no longer satisfied, remember that you can always replace it with the same ease with which you applied it.

Being a plastic coating, even when moving furniture or handling pointed and sharp tools, you must be careful if you do not want to risk scratching it or, in the worst case, puncturing it. In that regard, it is It is always advisable to use plastic discs or rubber near edges and protrusions that touch the ground.


Vinyl flooring, how to choose it, maintenance, prices: images and photos

Do not miss this rich photo gallery, we are sure you will be pleasantly impressed by the versatility of the PVC floor.


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