Turmeric color ideas for the walls of the house

If you want something new in your home and want to convey energy to your interior, just choose the right color. Today we will win you over with a warm shade: the turmeric color ideas for the walls of the house. A new and surprising journey begins together. Are you ready to find out more? Read on as well.


If you want to renovate some walls of the house by letting yourself be enveloped by some of the most intriguing nuances: it is the right time to bet all on the strong character, but also on the heat and the welcome that the turmeric color can convey.

Perfect for any room, it is able to change the face of the furniture and adapt perfectly to any style. Be it classic, modern or more exotic discover with us what is the ideal way to use it, without exaggerating though!

In the course of the article, room after room, we will face a beautiful journey together: paint, brush, patience and a lot of creativity will be essential! We provide the right advice: how about letting yourself be conquered by some of the most beautiful ideas?

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Let’s start the new season and the first warmth of spring by bringing a little spring into the house with the right brushstrokes: we welcome turmeric color but first let’s take a step back.


Turmeric color: definition and characteristics

When we talk about turmeric color, we are dealing with a very warm, vibrant shade, a nuance that fits halfway between yellow and orange. In the model of RGB color its code corresponds to # e69b3a, and it is composed for 90% of red, this to underline its main feature: the great expressive strength.

If you love this shade, but you are afraid of inserting it at home, especially in some environments: fear not! You just have to follow some small tricks and play with the right combinations: you will illuminate the space and furnish with character. The result will be surprising: let’s start with the kitchen, its natural location.


Turmeric in the kitchen

If you love exotic flavors and you like to give character to your dishes, certainly there will be a little turmeric in your kitchen, a spice also known as saffron root and very popular in Asian cuisine. So how about adding a little flavor to the furniture and to be bold with yellow shades on the walls? Let’s start right from here: from this color so bright and lively that it will win you over at the first brushstroke.

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Our advice is to make your kitchen a welcoming environment, preferring the turmeric color and wisely balancing it with other colors and accessories that recall the color: curtains, chair cushions but also handles, jars and much more. Choose to paint the wall behind the hob or make this room more special with tiles in this color. Now let’s move into the living room.


Furnishing the living room with turmeric: some proposals

Turmeric color has never been so current, why not use it in the living room, the most social room in the house? All the walls or just one, the accent one, to highlight your trendy sofa or strictly wooden furniture. Then try to always match it with the right colors:

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  • perfect with the White to create harmony
  • with the Grey for a classic and elegant look
  • the blue for a bolder combination: perfect for minimal style.

Give this room a boost of energy e add details that make the difference: pillows with turmeric embroidery or carpets reminiscent of this exotic shade. A perfect balance game!


Turmeric color in the bathroom: ideas for walls

If you are intrigued by the possibility of adding a touch of turmeric in the bathroom too, but you are not convinced of the final result, follow our advice carefully. Start first with a few discreet color accents on the wall and add charm to the setting with this shade. Then, if you are the brave type, choose an entire turmeric wall: gives brightness and character to the room!

Glossy and matte balance in this shade creating a layout of great visual impact, a background able to steal the scene from the furnishing elements: perfect for your home with a modern look. We conclude our ideas for the walls with the bedroom.


Turmeric color: ideas for the bedroom

If you want to create your own warm and welcoming nest, choosing the turmeric color will undoubtedly prove to be a winning choice. Sharp brushstrokes on the walls will envelop you in a chic and harmonious atmosphere able to reconcile sleep and communicate the necessary tranquility in this room.

White textiles to bring out the beauty of this background color, the right touch of light et voila, this room too is furnished with the simplicity of colors.


Turmeric color ideas for the walls of the house: photos and images

If the turmeric color has pleasantly surprised you, how about making your rooms more spicy and not just in the kitchen? Use the right combinations and create the ideal look. Lastly, we thought of inserting additional ideas for inspiration for you with some other images in the gallery: browse it as well.


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