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The vacuum machine is a very useful household appliance for storing food. The device sucks the air out of the bags and allows the nutritional properties and taste of the food to be preserved intact. Which foods can be vacuum stored? How to choose this appliance? Advantages and prices.

vacuum-packing machine

There is a truly effective way of store food: the vacuum packed. It is about a sistem very useful food storage which allows food to keep intact the its nutritional characteristics for a long time. Vacuum preservation, which has only recently entered families, is the system used by the food industry for a long time. With the vacuum you can preserve in perfect condition and for a long time many varieties of foods.

Indeed, this system is perfect for both store food in the pantry in the refrigerator or freezer. Also, with the system You can also vacuum cook food. But, how does the vacuum work? What are the benefits? Where to buy the vacuum packing machine? Which ones are they costs? We will answer these and other questions in the following article.

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How to vacuum store food

To keep food vacuum packed, you will have need one vacuum packing machine is of bags or containers special. The vacuum storage procedure is very simple. After entering the food that you want to keep in the special bag, you have to insert the top flap of the bag into the vacuum machine. At this point it will be necessary to operate the machine for the vacuum packing than before it will suck in the air present in the bag and then it will seal it.

Some models of vacuum machines are also equipped with other accessories, For example a suction pipe which allows, on the other hand, to seal special ones containers for vacuum packing. Obviously, the availability of accessories also depends on the cost of the appliance.

The vacuum packed practically eliminates oxygen from bags or containers. In this way, the absence of air prevents the development of bacteria or microorganisms such as molds which accelerate the decomposition process of food. With the vacuum the life of the food is extended.


Which foods can be vacuum-sealed

What foods is it possible to preserve with the vacuum system? There are so many foods that can be stored with this system, perfect for storing food in the refrigerator, freezer or pantry.

  • Meat. This system is perfect for storing meat in the home freezer. The life cycle of the meat is lengthened 3 to 5 times more compared to traditional preservation.
  • Cured meat. If you have purchased pieces of cold cuts that you will not be able to keep in a short time, with the vacuum seal you can keep them in the refrigerator for some time, without them undergoing alterations.
  • Cheeses. As we have already said previously for cured meats, the vacuum extends the shelf life of the cheeses in the refrigerator. Safe from bacteria or mold which could alternate flavor and quality.
  • Dry bread or biscuits. To prevent these foods from losing their fragrance and taste, you can store them in vacuum bags or containers. For example the vacuum-packed bread it keeps well for up to a week. While I cookies you can keep them for several months.
  • Flour, tea and coffee. These products too they are preserved perfectly vacuum packed for several months.
  • Cooked foods. Even cooked foods keep perfectly in the vacuum-packed refrigerator for several days.
  • Raw vegetables or fruit. Vacuum-packed you can keep raw fruit or vegetables even for a few weeks.
  • Fish. It keeps well for some time.

How easy it is to understand with the vacuum you will also have the opportunity to reduce food waste, because they will deteriorate over a longer period.

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Advantages of vacuum packing

As we have already understood by reading the article up to this point, the advantages of vacuum storage there are so many.

  • Reduction of waste. Food keeps better and for longer times. This way, even if you’ve made a bigger shopping spree, you won’t run the risk of wasting your food. But on the contrary you can keep them deferred over time and moreover you will always have a supply of food on hand, in case of unforeseen events.
  • Food quality and healthiness. With the vacuum packed food keeps better. It keeps unchanged for a longer time taste and the nutritional properties.
  • Economic saving. Without wasting food you will also have an economic saving.
  • Easy to use. Using the machine and the bags or containers for vacuum packing is simple and practical.
  • Food safety. Conservation vacuum avoids for example contamination between various foods, in the refrigerator or pantry. In fact, every food is hermetically sealed and therefore safe from any contact with other foods. In this way, even those who have food intolerance problems does not run no type of risk.
  • Comfort. Vacuum-packed food storage is practical and convenient. For example, you can decide to prepare in advance the foods you will consume during the week, because there will be no alterations. This system is convenient especially for those who spend the day away from home and doesn’t have much time to devote to food preparation.


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How to choose the vacuum machine

On the market there are many models and brands of vacuum machines. The choice of the vacuum machine depends on the needs of the family. For occasional use, it is better to focus on a basic model. For more frequent use, it is better to opt for a model with more accessories.

Before buying the vacuum machine evaluated However some aspects.

  • Power
  • Size and design
  • Accessories
  • Price

It’s possible buy vacuum packing machines in appliance or household goods stores.

Various purchase options are also available online. The same goes for the bags or containers to be used, easily available in household or online stores.


The price

The vacuum packing machines are available at variable prices, depending on the characteristics they have. For a basic model it starts from 80 euros about, while for more equipped models the price is around 300 euros.

As for the bags, the price varies according to the size and characteristics of the bag. Some models are reusable. It is advisable to store food without washing the bags. The the cost of the bags is around 15 euros percent pieces format 25 × 35 cm.


How to choose the vacuum packing machine: photos and images

The vacuum sealer is ideal for storing food for a long time. Browse the gallery and discover all the advantages of vacuum packing.


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