The essential appliances in the kitchen: 10 small ideas

If you love living the kitchen space at 360 °, you cannot miss some useful suggestions. How about inserting the essential appliances in the kitchen with our help? Refrigerator, oven, dishwasher and much more. What are you waiting for? Make yourself comfortable and read our guide.


If you are thinking of reorganizing your kitchen in the best possible way, appliances are elements that just cannot be missing. Small or large, it is essential to have some and this, to make life easier at least in this room. If you have the soul of a masterchef and love to experiment but haste is your main enemy, fear not! With some of the appliances we are about to offer you will save a lot of time.

For a careful and thoughtful choiceinstead take all the time you need: look at the design, colors, materials and price! We at home and garden have prepared a list for you: how about reading it together? Some proposals will pleasantly surprise you.

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1. Refrigerator

Let’s start with the refrigerator, the undisputed protagonist of this environment, without which we could not keep food for long. First to be chosen among the various appliances, various factors weigh on it. Let’s see which ones:

  • space available
  • style
  • functionality.

Let’s start with the space available: how much do we have? We can opt for a built-in or freestanding model but this choice will be closely linked both with style – we must try to be consistent in our choices and always look at the kitchen environment in its entirety – and with functionality.

Our choice, in fact, will fall on one model rather than another based on our needs: single or large family? Read all the features and don’t forget about the freezer.


2. Dishwasher

Who among us can absolutely not give up on those who do the dishes in our place? Well, the dishwasher is the second of the appliances to which Italians (and not only) nthey don’t say no.

There are several companies that offer increasingly performing models, which guarantee optimal washing and a savings of time and of power. In fact, they also show great attention to the environment. Let’s move on to the next appliance.


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3. Food processor

If you like to experiment with new dishes or you need a hand in the kitchen, our beloved robots are ready to offer it to you. They will need a small footprint but in return you will get a great help in the kitchen. How?

Beautifully designed models that fit perfectly into any kitchen and perform multiple functions: they chop, weigh, blend, squeeze and cook in your place, saving you a lot of time: choose yours!


4. Oven

We come to our best ally in the kitchen: the electric oven thanks to which to bake delicious cakes or tasty dishes. Which option do you prefer: built-in or free-standing? Always follow the style of your kitchen and, for the final choice, currency carefully some features:

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  1. internal capacity
  2. power
  3. energy rating.

Often purchased together with the electric oven is the microwave one which is increasingly difficult to give up to speed up the cooking of some dishes or defrosting them.


5. Hand blender

The blender is a very practical, small and versatile household appliance very useful in the kitchen. It is an immersion blender thanks to which you can prepare sauces, creams, mayonnaise, mousses and much more with the advantage of using it directly in the bowls and pots in which we intend to prepare our dishes. Finally, really easy to clean.


6. Toaster

Those who love American breakfasts certainly can’t do without some nice slices of freshly toasted bread. Our advice is to not miss the toaster in our kitchen. Which one best suits our needs?

Watch out for wattage and to capacity, other than i models available and the companies that make them: with horizontal plate or classic vertical models from which – when cooked to perfection – our slices of bread emerge.

essential-appliances-kitchen-toaster. 1

7. Coffee machine

In recent years they are among the most loved appliances by Italians: raise your hand if you consider it indispensable in the kitchen. We are talking about the coffee machine: different options and price ranges to enjoy a good coffee or cappuccino like at the bar whenever you want.


8. Water kettle

More and more indispensable in the kitchen, beyond the traditional use of heating water for a long coffee or a good tea, the kettle can do much more in the kitchen and beyond. Let’s find out some other uses together:

  • cook the pasta
  • make the broth
  • become a room humidifier
  • disinfect
  • free the nose.

The costs are not prohibitive and the only precaution is to make a constant cleaning and maintenance to avoid the formation of limescale.


9. Digital scale

How to follow your favorite recipes without the weight scale? First analog but which left room for errors and inaccuracies then digital. More and more precise, captivating – with their striking and colorful design – and light. Choose the one that suits you best among the different models available, based on capacity and various options.

We come to the last indispensable appliance in the kitchen: the juice extractor.


10. Juice extractor

Originally it was the centrifuge then came the juice extractor today an indispensable appliance in the kitchen, especially for those who prefer a healthy lifestyle and are particularly attentive to nutrition. To choose this appliance, two parameters that we must keep in mind:

  1. extraction capacity
  2. ease of cleaning.

The internal mechanism allows, by turning at low speed, to cold squeeze the juice while maintaining its properties unaltered.

The essential appliances in the kitchen: 10 small ideas

The essential appliances in the kitchen: photos and images

These that we have proposed to you in the course of the article, are just some of the indispensable appliances in the kitchen that offer us a valid help both in terms of time and success. What are you waiting for to browse the following image gallery? Many other ideas await you: let yourself be inspired.


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