the 6 best color combinations

The colors for a classic style bedroom. How to integrate them into the most intimate room of the house without making a mistake. The best color combinations for this style of furniture.


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A bedroom decorated in the right colors can help you rest more peacefully. The first rule when choosing the nuance of the bedroom is in fact that of make it as comfortable as possible.

The place where you go to sleep in the evening and wake up in the morning, it should always positively affect our mood and theuse of color it is very useful purpose.

When it comes to classic style bedroom, there palette of reference should guarantee a sense of harmony and of refinement, emblem of this timeless aesthetic.

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So let’s see Which ones are they the best colors for a classic style bedroom and how to combine them without making a mistake.

Luxury bedroom interor

1. White and ivory with gray accents

In a classic bedroom, you can never go wrong with neutrals.

Consider the idea of combine white and ivory, a combination that it works in all seasons of the year and makes it easier for you to choose furnishing accessories.

Complete the color choice introducing light gray as you can see in the following photo. Play with the patterns of textiles and bed linen, but in small doses because the dominant tone must remain neutral.

This color scheme is even more interesting when used in an already very bright room.


2. Baby blue and straw yellow

Those who prefer light colors but find the White a bit ‘boring, can try to combine it with baby blue is with some accent of straw yellow. These are two colors with their own personality but at the same time delicate, therefore ideal for a bedroom.

As you can see in the picture below, baby blue it was used to paint the full-height boiserie and the stretch of wall beyond the molding.

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Of this color it is even the bedspread, matched to fresh bed sheets and pillow cases white in color. The furniture is white and the various accessories were purchased in sets.

The straw yellow and the mustard they give a bolder touch to the room keeping it sober and refined.


3. Wisteria, gray and ivory

Who wants one feminine and romantic color palette should introduce color into the bedroom wisteria, the Grey and theivory.

Try to get inspired by the room of our third proposal where one ivory velvet carpet it is recalled by textiles of the same nuance.

For there bed frame with upholstered headboard the anthracite gray which we also find in the bedspread with blue edges.

The wisteria, used for walls, gives to the environment a soft and delicate appearance. The cushion that we find on the ash gray armchair and the upholstery of the table lamp recall the same nuance.

The end result is a room that plays with the layering of fabrics, colors and is overall very elegant.


4. Lilac and lavender

In the next classic bedroom we have one monochrome scheme focused on lighter shades of lilac and lavender.

The room it is very bright and thanks to the colors it becomes a serene refuge where falling asleep is a pleasure.

This bedroom is the proof that even when you work on monochromatic bases you can make the environment visually interesting thanks to thelayered use of different textures and shades of the same nuance.


5. Aubergine and gold color

Let’s move on to a bolder yet refined proposal at the same time. The light shades of walls, ceiling and floor, are highlighted by a gold-colored bed frame with a typically classic design with upholstered headboard in aubergine-colored velvet.

The bed cover and pillows mix white with the lightest and darkest shades of pink. The end result is a feminine color scheme that is warm but also light and chic.

A long-pile white rug positioned as a bedside rug, allows homeowners to start the day on the right foot.


6. White, ivory and wood

In a bedroom with a classic flavor you could opt for ivory walls combining them to the Walnut of antique furnishings.

Make the palette even brighter by making wise use of lighting and choosing thin and transparent curtains that do not block natural light. Even better if you decide to do without it.

A long pile carpet in the center of the room gives intimacy. In the evening it can be placed next to the bed, a very comfortable solution to wake up and lie down barefoot in total comfort.


Classic style bedroom colors: photos and images

Are you planning to furnish the double room in a classic style but are still undecided on which colors to use? Try taking a look at our photo gallery, we are sure you will find the right inspiration!


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