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If you’re on the hunt for ideas to keep bugs away from your balcony, go green. Different all-natural solutions to furnish your outdoor spaces and ward off the much hated mosquitoes. Let’s start with some balcony mosquito plants: are you ready?


With the arrival of summer, they inevitably arrive: mosquitoes. Heralded by an annoying buzz that often is the leitmotif of our evenings on the terrace, they take over our outdoor spaces, depriving us of the pleasure of spending time outdoors. If you are looking for advice useful to be able to live your outdoor freely, you are in the right place.

In the course of the article, in fact, we will try to suggest the most beautiful plants for you fill the balcony with color and scent without losing sight of the goal of create a barrier against unwanted guests.

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Choose the ideal place to place your plants: with an eye to sun exposure and wind, take care to regularly empty the saucers, that stagnant water is the ideal place where mosquitoes love to reproduce. Now we are ready to start with a first suggestion. Let’s go!

Tiger mosquito

1. Basil

Let’s start with some aromatic plants that should never be missing on our balconies. An integral part of Mediterranean cuisine they have different characteristics and properties. Make way for rosemary, mint and above all basil which will flood our balcony with an intense perfume as pleasing to our sense of smell as it is hated by the dreaded mosquitoes.

Choose the ideal location and remember that it fears the cold: in pots to hang on the railing of your balcony or in enchanting planters to be placed on the ground so as to create a small aromatic garden, which will keep these insects away in a way altogether natural. They are easy to grow, beautiful and tasty plants: you just have to choose the right variety. Genoese, Neapolitan or Greek? Let’s move on to the second anti-mosquito plant.


2. Lemongrass

Mosquitoes arrive and the first plant you think of is lemongrass: isn’t it true? That pungent smell that identifies it is the scent of our summer evenings.

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But different others are the property related to this plant: repellent yes but also antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, decongestant And sedative. In short, more than one reason to prefer it on our balcony.

It is an evergreen plant very resistant which has an intense green color with very long leaves with sharp edges. Particularly effective against mosquitoes we also find in the form of sprays, oils and scented candles. Use it for your four-legged friends and you will keep fleas and ticks away in a completely natural way.


3. Catnip

We are talking about a perennial herbaceous plant that cats like so much – hence its name – for the intoxicating scent it emanates and is reminiscent of mint. It is thought that it is this very same scent that keeps mosquitoes away from your balcony but there are researchers who claim the secret, instead, is hidden in a protein: pyrethrum.

Do you have problems with plants? Join the group

Specifically, this herb would have an irritating action for mosquitoes, also valid for flies and cockroaches. Why not choose it as a delightful ornamental plant for your balcony? Numerous other features will make you fall in love with it: simple to grow and easy to manage. For your summer choose catnip: find the position in favor of the wind on the balcony and keep these annoying insects away. Seeing is believing! Let’s move on to the next plant.


4. The geranium

If you want some color and a breath of freshness on the balcony, choose geranium. Always the protagonist of the most beautiful window sills, they embellish balconies with grace and elegance. White, pink, magenta, yellow, orange, red: choose the color you love most and the variety you prefer by letting yourself be enveloped by its particular scent that acts as a repellent against mosquitoes.

Easy to care for they will need the right amount of water and the right exposure: choose vases to attach to the railing for a scenographic installation e never leave them in full sun, they love partial shade. Let’s go to the last tip.


5. Lavender

It heralds the arrival of summer and with its lilac flowers reminds us so much of Provence. Lavender is a flower known since ancient times and appreciated for its qualities: disinfects, cleanses and perfumes closets if its flowers are left to dry in the sun and placed in small bags.

But today you will have one more reason to choose lavender on your balcony namely its repellent action against mosquitoes. Often preferred in the garden to make hedges, it is also ideal on the balcony as long as you choose a pot large enough to accommodate it, a sunny exposure and give it a little water every now and then.


Balcony mosquito plants photos and images

After reading our tips, all you have to do is choose among them the perfect balcony mosquito plants: keep mosquitoes away but do it with style. Aromatic plants or plants with a citrus scent: the choice is yours. Get inspired by a few more ideas by peeking into the image gallery below.


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