Space-saving solutions for the attic

Are you looking for space-saving solutions for the attic? So here is a series of useful tips to make the most of all the available space. The right furniture is important, but there are also many other ideas that can be put into practice!


There attic it is an extra space in the house that is almost always decided to exploit to create another room. The problem is that not always this is very great. Furthermore, does not have the same height at all points.

Precisely for this often it is necessary to think to of the space-saving solutions in order to make the most of all the available surface.

First, you have to choose the furniture carefully. Then, there are also other ideas like to achieve a mezzanine, of the plasterboard niches or obtain closets where possible.


Choose custom furniture to take advantage of low corners

One of the most problematic aspects of an attic is its uneven height. Indeed, There are of lower corners which often cannot be exploited and therefore useful spaces are lost.

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In this case resort to custom-made furniture can be a good space-saving solution. By choosing the shape and size you can put them practically everywhere.

Most often they are made custom-made wardrobes, perfect for create a closet or even one walk-in closet. Even the libraries think for be able to be placed in low angles are a good one though idea.


Opt for multifunctional furniture

If there is little space in the attic, need to be very selective for regarding thefurniture. First, you will have to make a selection of the really useful furniture and give up everything you don’t need.

Today there are many space-saving furnishings on the market, designed specifically for those who have small spaces available. In particular, we refer to multifunction furniture that can transform and allow so to have two pieces in one.

For example, they are found beds that they become wardrobes or desks with a simple lever, but also the classics sofa bed are A good idea for to commute quickly the living in a bedroom.


Furnish with shelves

A space-saving solution in the attic, but not only, I’m the shelves. These are perfect for decorating the tightest spaces as I’m not in no way bulky is we can choose at what height to place them.

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For example, in the kitchen you can prefer them instead of wall units, but can also replace a bedside table if you want to create a bedroom in the attic.

The shelves if necessary they can be used as a desk is I’m also there solution better in the absence of other support surfaces to exhibit be objects useful items you need to have knick-knacks on hand.


Building a mezzanine

It is true that the attic has lower angles, but this does not mean that all the rest of the space is also lower than normal.

Indeed, in many cases They are of the attics that have ceilings Rather tall. In these cases, an excellent space-saving solution is that of to achieve a mezzanine. This almost makes it possible to double the space available and to create two different environments in one.

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For example the mezzanine it is perfect to have in the attic both the living and sleeping areas. Generally the bedroom is the one that is placed above. The kitchen or living room are located in the lower area.


Creating customized solutions with plasterboard

The drywall it is increasingly proving to be an excellent ally in the construction sector. Indeed, it is a very material versatile which can be used in several ways.

For example, it is often used to create false ceilings or other elements that purely perform a design function. In the attic, however, the plasterboard could be a space-saving solution.

Indeed, allows you to create customized equipped walls. Considering the uneven heights of the attic, it’s a perfect way to make the most of all the spaces. Furthermore can also be realized a kind of custom-made bookcases.


Create closets with folding doors

If the attic is small or if it is not possible to organize it properly, one of the most frequent problems is not knowing where to store the things we do not use on a daily basis.

Often there is no space for cupboards or cabinets, so you have to think about alternative space-saving solutions. For this the folding doors can be excellent allies.

These I’m very practices and not bulky at all. Indeed, they close again entirely on the jamb is they don’t need to further space when they open.

The folding doors then they are perfect for creating closets anywhere available in the attic. Also, today they can be customized choosing colors and materials, so they will also be beautiful to look at.


Space-saving solutions for the attic: images and photos

If you have an attic and don’t know how to save space, take a look at the images in the gallery below. We offer you various space-saving solutions that you can use for your attic.



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