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If you have always had the American Dream and appreciate its lifestyle and mentality, how about with our help to bring a little America into the house? We at home and garden are ready to give you a hand in furnishing your living room in an American style, just insert the right elements: colors, materials and ideal furnishings. What are you waiting for to find out more? Get comfortable and start reading.


If you want to change the face of your interiors and you want to bet everything on the American style, read our short guide carefully. Let’s go own by the characteristics of this style: large and spacious rooms, high ceilings, windows and the inevitable and elegant staircase leading to the upper floors and wood, wood everywhere.

Fundamental importance in American-style interior design is then given by the living room, which has always been the beating heart of the house, a place for meetings and chat with friends but also for pure relaxation. What are the ideal elements to insert to furnish it? In the course of the article we will provide you with all the advice you need: it will not be all stars and stripes but each item entered will take you (at least with the mind) in America.

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Are you ready to face this journey together and to bet on the final result? Let’s start with giving the right brushstrokes.


The ideal colors

In the design of your American-style living room, colors play an important role. Delicate nuances, soft colors, pastel shades to envelop you and recreate an elegant and refined environment. So off to beige, light gray, white, blue, ocher and light green.

Do not forget, however, to define the your spaces with contrasts interesting colors linked to accessories or rather to details in more decisive shades: red and blue in the first place to recall the colors of the flag. Let’s move on to the furnishings and what absolutely must not be missing.


American style living room: the furnishings

The focus of the American living room was traditionally given by the presence of a fireplace around which to build the rest of the furniture. So it is today, on it there is almost always the presence of a shelf on which to display family photos or other memorabilia. The first among the furnishings to be inserted next now is a large, soft and enveloping sofa flanked by a pair of comfortable armchairs. If space permits, add more seats and nice poufs to fill the space.

insert a low table in wood right in front of the sofa is let yourself be seduced by the charm of the libraries placed around the perimeter of the room. A few more personal touches related to art – figurines and paintings on the walls – or textiles and your living room will be perfect. Now we come to enlightenment: which ideal one?

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living room-american-style-1

How to light up the American living room

If we think of American stays, it immediately comes to mind a large chandelier in the center of the room. Luxurious, elegant and never banal, it becomes a focal point of your stay not to be overlooked. Choose which one is more in your strings and remember that a vintage touch that favors wrought iron as a material is always a winning choice.

Another option is represented by floor lamps with fabric lampshade, to give that extra touch of warmth and character to the environment.


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Three interesting proposals

The American style also has its roots in England, hence its refined side, but not only. There is a mix of styles which makes it unique: industrial, hippie, eclectic and versatile. Let’s see some interesting proposals together.

1. Classic living room

The classic American style living room is a large living room in which to gather chatting on the sofa or eating on Thanksgiving around a huge table. An elegant atmosphere, sought after, intimate and very welcoming, is achieved with the inclusion of some simple furnishing elements and accessories.

A lot of attention must be paid to them: vintage objects scattered here and there, works of art on the walls, abundant curtains in delicate shades on the windows and carpets to underline the sumptuousness of the environment.


2. Open space

But usually in America spaces are fluid, there is no clear separation between the environments and, as in Italy, with the passage of time we have to deal more and more often with the design of open spaces. How to furnish in this case? With coherence of style and in such a way that the environments communicate with each other. Each object placed in the living room recalls in style and colors that of the kitchen and the entrance.

open-space-american-style-living room

3. Rustic style

Finally, our latest proposal is dedicated to American country houses, where stone and wood are the masters and the rustic atmosphere is the predominant one. There is the presence of the inevitable fireplace around which the rest of the furniture is structured with the delicacy of its light as a background.


American style living room: photos and pictures

These that we have proposed to you are just some ideas and some ideal solutions that will guide you in structuring and furnishing your American living room. Remember the coherence in the style and the dialogue between the various elements for a harmonious and satisfying final result. Take a last look at the gallery of images that follows, we have included some other ideas for you in photos: let yourself be inspired!


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