Regency core style: a blast from the past

If you too have let yourself be enchanted by Bridgerton’s atmosphere on Netflix and now at home you want to recreate the same elegant and refined style, there are several ideas for doing so. We at Casa e Giardino have collected some suggestions for you: colors, furnishings and accessories suitable for the regency core style. Ready to get started?


Although today the modern home has revolutionized the concept same of spaces and furnishings, affirming for years the taste for minimal, now loudly, perhaps thanks to the lockdown, the desire for a return to the past is shouted, to the taste for beauty and attention to detail.

However, if you are planning to renovate your home or change the face of some room in a perfect regency core style, there are some rules to respect. Let’s turn the hands back some time, we are in the very early years of the nineteenth century, and let’s enjoy this style, which promises to be one of the most loved trends in interior design for this 2021. Let’s first clarify what it is and then let’s explore its main features.

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What is the regency core style

Let’s start by taking a small step back: what exactly it indicates the regency core style? The term literally means regency and refers to the period in which George, Prince of Wales, ruled. We are in London in the early 1800s and it is a rather profitable phase from an artistic point of view, characterized by a production that involves every form of art and which clearly refers to the Greek and Roman tradition.

The houses of those years were refined, attentive to detail and rich in details. If you want to dive you too in the atmosphere of those years, here are some small tricks and some more tips that will help you in dressing the interiors of your home. Let’s read them together.


Regency core style: the characteristics

The furniture in Regency core style today, is inspired by opulence of those years and takes shape by making its own some characteristics that recreate romantic and nostalgic atmospheres, in a constant search for balance and elegance.

  • Victorian wallpaper
  • Precious marbles
  • Wooden furniture
  • Canopy beds
  • Impressive sofas
  • Luxurious chandeliers.

These are the main features that design the interiors now as then, accompanied by the right colors: let’s discover them together.


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The most used colors

Protagonists of this style are colors in pastel shades: the blue in all its shades of color to be combined mostly with greens, but also in neutral shades like cream or more lively like yellow, pantone of the year.

A little light with gold contrasts is inevitable, to recall the luxurious environments of the time. For a romantic touch you can choose pink, for a more passionate burgundy equally characteristic color of this style. We come to the furnishings.


Three essential furnishings for a nineteenth-century look

To give character to the rooms by drawing inspiration from the nineteenth century, you can focus on some furniture, three essential ones that we suggest you choose and mix with some of the most modern furnishings:

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1. Velvet sofa

Let’s start by sitting in the living room and enjoying a look that sees dominate soft and sinuous lines. The undisputed protagonist of this environment is the large and enveloping sofa, better if in velvet and covered with large contrasting cushions. At the base a large and elegant Persian carpet, to recreate a perfect atmosphere with a classic style, add paintings to the walls with finely worked gilded frames and that’s it: your home will immediately have an air of regency. Let’s go to the bedroom.


2. Romantic bed

If in the past the canopy bed was a must of this style, today the more modern version provides a bed equally important and romantic, where details make the difference and fabrics remain protagonists. Soft colors, headboard with floral decorations are all you need to furnish this room in a regency style.

The look is completed by a retro-style applique and mahogany bedside tables, without neglecting the curtains that cover, in this room, an ancient and particular charm.


3. Console with mirror

A finely crafted console table at the entrance or in a corner in the living room, made with fine materials it gives that extra boost to your decor. Golden inlays that intertwine with a large mirror above, create the ideal atmosphere that exactly photograph the interiors of the early 19th century. How about adding a touch of green with a pair of equally fine vases? This gives us the opportunity to talk about essential furnishing accessories a


The perfect complements

It cannot be called regency style without the right accessories. Decorations and ornaments, typical of the houses of those years, ready to enrich the environment with elegance. Make way for stuccoes, Victorian-style chandeliers, candelabra, carpets, tapestries, curtains, vintage-style furniture, embellished with classic-style handles and gold details.


Regency core style: photos and images

In the gallery of images that follows we have collected for you all the images of rooms furnished in this style. How about recreating some in your home? Dive into this new project and let yourself be surprised.


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