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If you want to furnish your 40s-style living room, find out with us which is the ideal design. The right colors, floors, furnishings and accessories will also make a difference in the living room. Create the perfect mood by taking a step back in time with us at Casa e giardino. Ready to go?

40s-style-living room

Furnishing a 40s-style home is an interesting design challenge to be faced with the right amount of knowledge related to the time – we are in the Second World War – and with the ideal furnishings that combine aesthetics and functionality. It is about practical and functional furnishings that have simple but at the same time innovative lines.

Furniture that embodies all the trends of an era that believes in rebirth: new materials are experimented (such as metal which is still widely used today) and new design lines are experimented by drawing icons whose beauty remains unchanged over time.

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Let’s see how to furnish our living room looking at past times e giving the right vintage touch to the interiors. Let’s start with the colors. Which ones are best suited to dress the 40s? Let’s find out together.

40-5 years-style-living room

The colors of the 40s

The first thing to consider when furnishing your living room in this style will be the color that will be the background to your days. The predominant color will be the brown one of the wood, dark for an elegant touch and light for an easier touch.

This will be counterbalanced by a soft color palette to maintain harmony in the environment or, if you want to give character to it, the 4o years do not cancel bolder contrasts with bold colors which can be yellow, red or orange.

Once the colors have been chosen – which will be the leitmotif of the room – let’s proceed with the choice of the floor.

how-to-choose-color-curtains-colors 1

The floors of the 40s

If we look at what floors were used in the house in those years, we will notice that most of them preferred the grit floor. What cannot be missing in your 40s living room is therefore just that: a durable and resistant material that comes from the waste of stones of different sizes.

The colors linked to the earth often flanked by brighter atriums and geometric designs (hexagons and rhombuses) or floral make them current even today. The ideal base from which to design your own style furniture.

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Make your living room unique with the ideal floor and if you are looking for an alternative to grit, opt for the timeless warmth of wood or the elegance of marble. We come to the furnishings: how about choosing the essential pieces together?

40s-style-living room-floors

1940s style living room: the ideal furnishings

If you want to create the ideal atmosphere in your 40s living room you can’t go wrong, you have to add the appropriate furniture to remember those years. Let’s start with the undisputed protagonist of this environment: the sofa which, however, must meet specific characteristics:

  • great
  • soft
  • with sinuous and enveloping lines.

He was chosen preferably Leather even if there were those who, in those years, experienced the beauty of velvet.

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A glass coffee table right in front of the sofa, a pair of armchairs to support him and a display cabinet in the corner where to display ornaments, silverware and porcelain created the right mood. Around the walls was her: the bookcase. Made of wood, beautiful and durable, ready to showcase all collectible books.

40s-7-style-living room

Accessories: precious style allies

Attention to detail is the secret of a successful interior design whatever style we are talking about. Therefore, not only the furnishings count, but also the accessories play a very important role. Which are the perfect ones to evoke the 40s? Let’s see it together.

To begin, take a tour of antique shops or look at old vintage photographs, full of details, will help you in the enterprise. Let’s start with the radio, in those days she was the undisputed protagonist of this space ready to mark the evenings and free time in the company of friends with good music. There was still no TV to steal the show!

Some posters on the walls or paintings of rare beauty and dear old vinyl records on display they will really make a difference in the décor. Some other suggestions for true connoisseurs are an elegant typewriter, precious porcelain vases and a few other details related to textiles.

40s-style-living room-details

The perfect lighting for your 40s living room

The 40s also light up with the right lighting: embellish the environment with retro style applique, an elegant and refined one desk lamp or an impressive chandelier. Those years, in fact, saw the crystal with hanging drops as the protagonist especially in the living room to emphasize the preciousness of the environment.

Few notes of color and the contrast with metal or brass to make the difference and still make it a trendy piece of furniture today.

living room-style-40s-light

1940s style living room: photos and images

At this point, how about you too try to furnish your living room in perfect 40s style? These are the years of rebirth and new proposals all to be grasped immediately. Take a last look at the image gallery below and find the right inspiration.


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