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Chia seeds are a healthy and healthy food considered a real super food, thanks to its many beneficial properties. Rich in mineral salts, Omega 3 and vitamin C occur in nature as small oval seeds, with a shiny consistency and the typical color ranging from white to brown. Seeds extracted from a plant native to Mexico, known in botany as Salvia Hispanica, discovered like other plant species by the biologist Carlo Linneo.

Chia seeds benefits

These small seeds have been known since ancient times to populations pre-Columbian, and precisely for the Aztecs and Maya, were one of the staple foods of kitchen. In combination with other foods, it was thought that their consumption provided strength and sustenance long to the warriors during the battles.

Today i Chia seeds they are also widely used in the West and are particularly preferred in natural cooking, not only thanks to their versatility, rather for all property beneficial enclosed in them, small and oily perfect for low calorie diets favoring a strong sense of satiety.

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Consuming chia seeds proves beneficial in reducing fat absorption thus helping to regulate blood sugar levels. Rich in proteins And fibers contain within them essential amino acids, in addition to a good amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids known to bring great benefits to the body, in particular for to prevent many diseases at the expense of heart and sight.

Chia seeds benefits

Chia seeds: properties and benefits of this extraordinary super food

Small and delicate seeds are considered a real one super food. They are kept inside very many property beneficial and a whole series of essential nutrients for the proper functioning of our body. They contain in fact about the 32% Omega 3 in addition to other precious minerals, such as zinc, the magnesium, the iron and the potassium.

In order to fully enjoy all these precious beneficial properties, the raw consumption as a bit for all oil seeds like the linen or the sesame. From the high protein content, they also contain a good dose of lipids, carbohydrates And fibers in addition to a high content of antioxidants essential in preventing the formation of free radicals preventing cellular aging.

Despite being such small seeds, they are capable of donating a strong sense of satiety thanks to the natural property from swell when they come in direct contact with a liquid, thus becoming one substance gelatinous such as to cause a noticeable satiating effect.

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Their hiring, in fact, it often is combined to vegetable drinks, yogurt or liquids in general. Perfect for breakfast thanks to the high protein content, combine chia seeds with a drink such as pudding or a yogurt, is a valid solution capable of satisfying enough until lunchtime, certainly much more than traditional cereals or muesli.

Chia seeds benefits

Chia seeds: recipes and uses in cooking

THE Chia seeds they are small oil seeds with extraordinary beneficial properties, highly satiating it’s a lot versatile they can be used in the kitchen in many ways. From the Breakfast to dinner, they are a valid addition to meals.

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TO lunch or dinner can be used in addition to soups, legumes, raw or cooked vegetables or for a meal in the form of infusion. An important note to remember is that chia seeds, if in contact with a liquid, will take on a gelatinous consistency; these little seeds are capable of absorb In short the water where they are immersed, swelling and thus providing a strong sense of satiety.

One of the most delicious recipes based on chia seeds is the pudding, perfect for breakfast to be prepared the previous evening, so as to find it ready the following morning. In a large bowl pour the chia, the milk that you have chosen (it can be vaccine or vegetable) and a spoonful of honey, cover and placed in the refrigerator. Once the seeds have swollen well and have reached a creamy consistency add fresh or dried fruit to taste.

Another fresh and mouth-watering recipe perfect for summer is a good one yogurt or milk based ice cream varied with fresh fruit. Follow it same process as pudding reducing the resting time of the seeds in the liquid a 3 hours, add pieces of fresh fruit to taste e pour the mixture into ice cream molds. Put away in freezer for at least 12 hours and enjoy them fresh for a healthy and regenerating taste break!

Chia seeds benefits

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