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Installing a swimming pool in the garden is the ideal solution, both for children and adults, to cope with the summer temperatures while waiting for a real vacation. By browsing the OBI catalog you can find different types of swimming pools. Here they are all in detail!


With the arrival of milder temperatures, the desire to take a nice swim in the sea increases. If, however, it is still early for the summer holidays, who has a garden has however the Possibility of to be able to take advantage of it for mount a outdoor swimming pool.

We want to introduce you to the pools that you can find browsing the OBI catalog. In particular, there are three lines very interesting: the Bestway Fast set, the Bestway Steel Pro and the Bestway Power Steel.

They have different price ranges and are designed for different types of needs. For all yes you have however the possibility to choose between swimming pools of multiple shapes and sizes. There is no shortage of models for children. Let’s see everything in detail.

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Bestway Fast pools set

OBI offers a series of easy and quick to assemble outdoor pools. In particular, we refer to the Bestway Fast line set. These are swimming pools self-supporting pvc equipped with an inflatable ring, a fundamental feature that allows you to have the pool ready in a few minutes.

The peculiarity of this ring is that it has a very wide safety valve which in turn has a reinforced cap through which it is possible to quickly inflate the ring. In short, a single person can complete the installation of the pool in about 10 minutes.

Another advantage of the line Bestway fast set is which is a lot economic. The most expensive model, indeed, has a price of 139 euros. It is a swimming pool of the dimensions of 396 x 84 cm. Its peculiarity is the external graphics in rattan which also makes it perfect for beautifying the garden.

The pools Bestway fast sets can be found in different sizes:

  • round, 305 x 66 cm for 69 euros
  • round, 244 x 66 cm for 39.95 euros
  • round, 366 x 76 cm for 79 euros

We want Furthermore also report two models for children:

  • simple round pattern, 183 x 51 cm for 20.95 euros
  • round model available in different colors, 152 x 38 for 19.95 euros


Bestway Steel Pro pools

Another line of swimming pools that can be found by browsing the catalog OBI is the Bestway Steel Pro. In this case we are talking about models that are a little more elaborate and larger in size. For this, they require at least 2 people to be installed and their cost is higher.

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It is about above ground pools they have a rustproof galvanized metal structure. This is a particularly resistant material designed to withstand even the most extreme conditions.

For example, considering that our pool will have to spend many hours in the sun, it is essential that it has good resistance to ultraviolet rays. Furthermore, the chlorine could ruin the structure so it is important that the material is of excellent quality as in this case.

Bestway Steel Pro pools too they are available in different shapes and sizes:

  • rectangular, 300 x 201 x 66 cm for 125 euros
  • round, 305 x 76 cm for 119 euros
  • rectangular, 221 x 150 x 43 cm for 169 euros
  • round, 366 x 76 cm for 129 euros

Even the line Bestway Steel Pro thinks of children, with a pool round 305 x 66 cm for the price of 99 euros. Her peculiarity is the cover sheet made of a reinforced material, very useful to avoid possible punctures. Furthermore, has a gorgeous jungle themed fantasy that the little ones like so much.

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Bestway Power Steel pools

We come now to line of swimming pools more expensive, but also of higher quality, that we can find by browsing the OBI catalog. We are talking about the pools Bestway Power Steel.

The idea of ​​this line was to create resistant products, which can last more than one season and can also be used for many years in a row.

For this these pools I’m been made with a steel structure particularly resistant also to corrosion. Furthermore, the cover sheet indoor is of a reinforced material which helps prevent punctures.

To ensure even greater safety, Power Steel pools they are equipped with the Seal & Lock system what is needed to fix the components of the frame in a much safer way.

As an added benefit, there is a wide choice between models of different shapes and sizes:

  • rectangular, 732 x 366 x 132 cm for 999 euros
  • rectangular, 956 x 488 x 132 cm for 1499 euros
  • Oval, 610 x 366 x 122 cm aa 799 euros

Very details, then, are i models Power Steel with rattan upholstery. For example, original and comfortable is the round swimming pool with sunshade measuring 396 x 107 cm at the price of 369 euros. The other models simpler rattan are available with the following characteristics:

  • round, 488 cm x 122 cm for 649 euros
  • rectangular, 412 x 201 x 122 cm for 499 euros
  • rectangular, 488 x 244 x 122 cm for 649 euros
  • rectangular, 549 x 274 x 122cm for 749 euros


OBI pools catalog: images and photos

Leafing through the images in the following gallery, you will be able to observe different models of swimming pools that can be found in the OBI catalog. Take a look to choose the one that’s right for you.


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