Lighting trends 2021: a breath of fresh air

If you are looking for ideas to give new light to your interiors, try reading all the news that 2021 has in store for us? Lighting trends 2021: everything you need to know. Make yourself comfortable and read more.


2020 was a year marked by great changes and the desire to feel good at home, making it an environment as comfortable as possible. There has been greater attention to detail and the choice of style for your rooms, to be fully experienced and without neglecting any element.

2021 brings with it a breath of fresh air especially indoors. Let’s see together some perfect lighting trends for each style. Are you ready to face a journey full of charm? Rediscover the pleasure of staying at home through small attentions that start from the light to be inserted perfectly in the environments by combining aesthetics and functionality. In the course of the article, we at home and garden are ready to surprise you and suggest the ideal trend. Let’s start with the first.

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Seductive monochromes

A timeless classic that gives your rooms that unique touch of elegance is very often linked to the simplicity of the materials and colors chosen. Give the right light by focusing everything on them: monochromatic lamps that play with neutral or bold shades, which enhance a corner making it full of vitality and character.

What color are you? Remember to always respect your style and, if you love fashion and like to follow it, choose the pantone of the year: the seductive gray or the bright yellow. Let’s move on to the second trend: one of the most loved.


Minimal style

The minimal style loves the essential and eliminate all frills, less is more the English say, and therefore when it comes to enlightenment what could be better than simplicity?

There are several proposals for those who love this style and want to propose it again with the right light: search for light materials, neutral colors and functional design are all you need. Even a light bulb with colored aesthetic threads becomes a trend.


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Vintage chandeliers

In recent years, the pleasure of furnishing with a retro taste has been rediscovered: winking at the new collections but remaining well anchored to their traditions and turning their gaze to the past. This is the imprint that characterizes various collections of furniture and accessories that will keep us company throughout 2021. How about giving a vintage flavor to your interiors with perfect lighting?

Applique that recall in the materials, shapes and colors those of the past, the return to the scenographic presence of chandeliers to fill the spaces in the living room or bedroom isfinally floor lamps that make your corner unique.

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Bold geometries

For those who love to amaze and be surprised every time the trend for this 2021 marks the return to geometric and bold shapes: a return to the 1920s and to the graphic arts of the time.

Add that touch of harmony to your interiors with lamps with soft or angular and pointed lines, chandeliers that draw spirals or well-defined straight lines that draw your interiors with light: innovative, warm and welcoming proposals.


A touch of gold

When minimal is combined with the taste of luxury, new collections are born where the dominant note is that of gold. A luxury line characterizes the most surprising trend for this 2021 where elegance, refinement and attention to detail also become protagonists in terms of lighting. Noble materials are combined with unique designs.


Artist’s light

A very popular trend for this 2021 is to choose designer lamps: pendant, countertop or chandeliers in the choice will guide us the taste for the beauty and uniqueness of the piece. If you love art, you can’t do without paintings on the walls and details that make the difference. The lamps characterized by a truly unique design represent the right course: a touch of art that is impossible to give up.

Unusual materials, unique workmanship and precious finishes will make your interiors special and will conquer you at first glance. Be surprised by their uniqueness.


Neon to amaze

Finally, among the most popular trends, as in a return to the past especially to the legendary 80s, neon regain their space. Light and lively they give character to your furniture. Different solutions and all intriguing and surprising: it gives the right touch of light to the wall or characterizes a corner in a unique way.

Writings, numbers or drawings: a wide range of proposals, we have chosen for you an inscription, perfect for this period, ready to remind us that it is better to stay at home but do it in style!


Lighting trends 2021: photos and images

After facing this surprising journey through the lighting and the trends that promise to mark this 2021, have you chosen which one is right for you? Take a last look at the gallery of images that follows: many ideas to copy await you. Get inspired!


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