Leroy Merlin gazebo catalog

With the arrival of the beautiful days, there is nothing better than relaxing in the garden. To avoid being bothered by insects or even by the strong sun, the ideal solution is a gazebo. The Leroy Merlin catalog offers a wide range and we recommend the best models!


Leafing through the Leroy Merlin catalog you can find a wide selection of gazebo. The company offers models with different structures, dimensions and materials, perfect to satisfy any kind of needs.

Furthermore, there are multiple price ranges. We we want to introduce you Some of best gazebos trying to take into account all budgets.


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Yxis gazebo

Who seeks a quality gazebo, can focus on the model Yxis. Her structure is in steel and aluminum, but you can rest assured that it will not be damaged either by bad weather or by rust.

Another advantageous feature of this gazebo is its own water repellent polyester cover which makes it perfect even in rainy weather. Furthermore, it has four lateral mosquito nets to protect you from insects.

Her dimensions are 299 x 299 cm with aheight of 282 cm. His cost is 399 euros, but very often Leroy Merlin applies excellent discounts. There are also models of the same type, but slightly larger.


Eori gazebo

Leroy Merlin also proposes gods gazebo very cheap, such as the model Eori that costs 69 euros. It is a gazebo that presents a steel structure and yours dimensions are 295 x 295 cm with a height of 176 cm.

One of its strengths is that is foldable, therefore it can be installed only when it is needed and can be easily stowed away when not needed.

This gazebo has a water repellent cover with anti UV treatment of a beautiful color green. It shouldn’t get damaged easily, but it can easily be replaced if necessary so that the gazebo can be reused.

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Fuji Gazebo

Leroy Merlin has also thought of those who do not like the aluminum or steel structure, presenting the Fuji model. It is a very special gazebo in fir wood is with white pvc cover.

This model is perfect in any type of garden, but is especially designed for rustic houses. The size of the Fuji gazebo are 414 x 314 cm with a height of 270 cm.

The his price is 1500 euros, but it is a very special model that can be a real design element for the exterior. In addition, it is also available in other sizes.

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Agorà gazebo

Another gazebo very particular that we can find by browsing the catalog Leroy Merlin is the model Agora. Has a steel and aluminum structure suitably treated to resist rust and bad weather. Its peculiarity, however, is that it has a wood effect finish.

The its dimensions are of 301 x 401 cm, with a height of 285 cm. There white cover is polyester, able to protect us 100% from UV rays. This particular gazebo costs 499 euros.


Ledro gazebo

Always in steel, we want to suggest you the Ledro gazebo. The its dimensions are 360 ​​x 360 cm, with a’height of 295 cm. It is one of the more expensive models as its price is well 5499 euros.

However, is a very gazebo resistant, has a bronze colored polycarbonate cover that surrounds the entire structure. In this way you can be sure of being protected from insects, but possibly also from rain and wind.


Monaco Gazebo

The Monaco gazebo it is perfect for creating a small private corner in your garden. Presents a aluminum structure simple, but impactful. There coverageinstead it is made of polycarbonate.

Curtains are also not included as they would spoil the look of the gazebo a bit. However, if you want insect protection or a little more privacy, you can quietly to add of the roller blinds in polyester.

The size of the Monaco gazebo they are 390 x 294 cm with a height of 289 cm. For what concern costinstead is of 1949 euro.


Gazebo Bora

Returning to gazebo cheaper, we can not recommend the model Bora. It has a steel structure very simple, but particularly resistant. There coverageinstead is white, made of polyester is capable of resisting very well to UV rays.

This model too it is foldable and therefore it can be assembled and disassembled with some ease. In addition, it is a very neutral gazebo that is perfect in any type of garden.

The its dimensions are perfect for sheltering both a large table and a coffee set. Let’s talk about a model of 295 x 295 cm with a height of 205 cm. His cost it is undoubtedly affordable as it has been set at 99 euros.


Dome Gazebo

One last gazebo that we want to offer you from the Leroy Merlin catalog is the Cupola gazebo. It is always a model with a steel structure and a polyester cover which has the shape of a dome.

Her dimensions are of 300 x 200 cm, with a height of 26o cm. This is also an inexpensive gazebo, as yours cost and of 99 euros.


Leroy Merlin gazebo catalog: images and photos

If you want to get an idea of ​​the best gazebos that can be found by browsing the Leroy Merlin catalog, take a look at the images in the following gallery. You will be able to observe the most beautiful models.


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