Illuminating the veranda: project and ideas

If you want to illuminate the veranda here is what to evaluate for the project and a series of ideas that you can exploit. Remember that lighting plays a key role and therefore must be chosen with some care. Here are all the details!


Lighting on a porch is key. In fact, especially if we want to use it even in the evening, it needs to be properly illuminated.

During the design phase it is very important to remember that criteria must be followed well precise to evaluate what kind of lights to install. Only if chosen correctly can they become a real design element, important to further enhance the veranda.

First you have to to consider there structure that you have available, yours size, the material of which it is made and also it style with which it was furnished. Then, you have to to choose the color and L’light intensity which will vary according to the effect you want to achieve.

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At this point it is necessary to evaluate which is the best light source. The choice can vary between spotlights, LED lights, pendant lamps, lanterns, floor lights or wall lights.


Study the structure of the veranda

To be able to choose the best lighting for the veranda, first of all need to study in detail there her planimetry. For example, it is clear that a small, square space will need different lighting than a larger, rectangular one.

Also, you have to consider also of the structure of a veranda. If there is coverage, there will be less natural light filtering through even during the day. If, on the other hand, the veranda is open, the sun will illuminate it for most of the day.

Finally, it is from to consider also the material main of the veranda. This it can be wood, aluminum, pvc or masonry. Not less important is then it style with which it is been furnished. In fact, even the lighting must be combined.


Choose the color and intensity of the light

The light presents different shades of color and even different intensity. Furthermore, there are lights more hot ed others colder. One type is not always the same as the other, indeed the effect they make are very different so you have to choose them carefully.

If the veranda is used as a meeting place, it is good that it is welcoming. For this one warm light results much more suitable. We are talking about one in particular color temperature between 2700-3000K. This manages to create a particularly relaxing environment.

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However, in a modern veranda where materials such as aluminum dominate, is recommended a light more natural and slightly colder. There color temperature suggested in this case is approx 3500-4000K.


Ideas for lighting the veranda

Lighting must be considered a integral part of the veranda, as important as the furniture you choose to furnish it. There are several solutions possible.


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Led lights

The led lights are particularly indicated in the case of uncovered verandas. Indeed, in this case are exposed to the elements ed it is important that they are quite resistant.

Also, one of the benefits of a led is that can be put in different strategic points, regardless of the size of the veranda.



THE spotlights I’m great alternative mostly for wooden verandas. In fact, they manage to make this material stand out in a particular way.

One of the main benefits is that you can choose there collocation of spotlights according to the perimeter of the veranda. So even if it is long and narrow it will still be adequately illuminated.


Floor lights

The floor lights they should be the first choice if you have a modern veranda. The effect, in fact, is very suggestive. These should be placed around the perimeter of the veranda, then they are perfect also for those more large. Furthermore, they are a practical and effective solution even in the case of uncovered verandas.


Suspension lamps

The suspension lamps hang from the ceiling, so they are an option only if the verandas are closed. I’m suggested mostly for the environments more small and collected, where a single central lamp can illuminate uniformly. These have gods design very details, so they will help to beautify the veranda.


Wall lamps

The wall lamps they are perfect to emphasize some element in particular. If, for example, there is a plant hanging on the wall that we want to display, just put a wall light nearby.

Also, generally they stand on either side of the door to make money always the entrance is evident and then they are combined with other light sources. Another reason to choose wall lamps to light up a veranda is that they have designs that adapt to any style of furniture.



Finally, one last idea for lighting the veranda is to use lanterns. These are a perfect alternative above all if you have opted for the Provencal style, but also for that vintage.

The lanterns create an intimate and romantic atmosphere as well can be supported be in the corners of the veranda that up a possible one railing.


Project and ideas for lighting the veranda: images and photos

If you are looking for ideas to light up your veranda, do not hesitate to browse the images in the gallery below. You will find many proposals that you can put into practice.


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