How to match skirting boards to the floor: guide and advice

How to match skirting boards to the floor. Do you have to choose the right skirting board for the rooms and you don’t know how to match it to the floor? Follow these tips that, we are sure, will direct you to the right path.


THE baseboard, also called skirting boards, they are furnishing elements far from negligible as not carry out only one function purely aesthetics but prevent L’nestle of the dust at the junction between wall and floor; avoid damage to the wall they might be caused by contact continuous and abrupt vacuum cleaner; prevent that the furniture set against the walls ruin the coating and, finally, they play an important role anti-humidity action. And, of course, they give the rooms a refined look, perfectly completing the furniture.

On the market exists awide variety of skirting boards made with different materials and of different shapes that They adapt to otherwise to the floors inserted inside the houses. The pairing floor-skirting board not always is of easy so successful that one of the questions that often have to be answered is: “Which skirting board do I choose for the type of floor of my house? “.

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If you are renovating your home or planning your first nest and you have reached the point under consideration, you can follow this guide and these tips that they will help you make a right choice matching and furnishing.


Type of skirting board: the materials

As mentioned, the different types of skirting boards on the market they can enhance the different floors depending on the materials with which they are made. You will find wooden skirtings, in ceramic, in PVC but also in aluminum, each one with the its peculiarities that are better suited to this or that other floor.

Wooden skirting board

One of the more traditional baseboards it’s surely the wooden one which can be made of wood solid wood or layered, of ash tree, of oak, of wot, but also teak, iroko and less common woods. THE most used, in terms of form, they are those owl, with foot or sharp and they usually are ideal for parquet.


Ceramic skirting board

THE ceramic baseboard I’m built with different materials that can be clay, sand silicon, iron oxide mixed with water. There blend, being easily mouldable, can he give life to skirting boards with truly extravagant shapes and original. Once placed, the ceramic baseboards must be painted or decorated to make the environment in which they are inserted even more captivating. THE most used profiles are those squared, to beak, sharp-edged.

how-to-match-skirting-board-to-ceramic-floor 1

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PVC skirting board

The PVC by now it has entered strongly in the furnishing sector and in commerce there are so many baseboard made of Poly-Vinyl Chloride. They have the advantage of being very cheap and even if until some time ago such baseboards were used almost exclusively in public places, today increasing attention is paid to the use of PVC and related objects – such as skirting boards – tointerior of the houses, especially those furnished according to one modern style, minimal, essential in combination with laminate or vinyl floors.


Aluminum skirting board

Finally, a small parenthesis on aluminum baseboard which turn out to be very resistant and ideals for who has a favorite laminate flooring. If you like this type of skirting board you need to know that there are two types: full is boxed. THE first are thick but smooth not presenting no space inside; the seconds are thinner and have a space to pass any cables through.

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How to match skirting boards to the floor: ideas

The baseboards can turn out to be a perfect element for underline and enhance the style of the home environments, almost essential if the landlord wants to show attention to detail and good taste. Precisely for this it is it is very important to choose and evaluate skirting boards based on the type of floor that you have set up at home. Let’s see, therefore, the better combinations.

Parquet and wooden skirting board

There timeless beauty of parquet wins the hearts of so many people and if you are part of the majority, what about the baseboard, you will have to make a fairly obvious choice: the classic wooden plinth which must have the same shade of the floor in order not to risk an unsightly optical effect.

Self the ton sur ton seems too heavy because you want an environment moreairy“, you can opt for a classic white skirting board even if the wall behind it is of the same color for an original but not uncoordinated final effect.

Selfinstead prefer a contemporary style and you want to give the environment an interesting and eclectic touch, prefer a colored wooden skirting board maybe combined with a piece of furniture of the same color: the result will be surprising.


Ceramic floor

Also ceramic floors offer almost obligatory choices also because, more often than not, the companies that produce this type of floor they also deliver the ceramic skirting board together of the same shades, ending up being the perfect continuum of the surface. Actually, if you want, you might as well create a contrast between the floor and the skirting board, not in terms of materials, but of colors by choosing one – with a finishing function – that incorporates one of the shades of the ceramic on the ground.

Or if the floor is one-colored, opt for a white ceramic skirting board, beautiful and timeless, playing with different shades and colors.


Laminate flooring

Finally, laminate flooring is very fashionable which lends itself perfectly to any style and furnishing need. But which skirting board is best combined with this type of floor? There are two best solutions: PVC skirting board or in aluminum. In reality, everything will depend on the shade of the laminate: if you opt for a PVC skirting board choose it same color as the floor; if the laminate has shades close to gray, silver or white, opt for the aluminum type, certainly more resistant, for a very contemporary effect.

how-to-match-aluminum-floor-skirting-board 2

How to match skirting boards to the floor: pictures

To review the images, browse the gallery below and be inspired by our matching ideas.



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