how to know if it is of quality

What is porcelain stoneware? How many types exist and what is the difference between them? But above all, how to know if it is of quality? Here is the answer to all these questions and suggestions for choosing the best tile.


The porcelain stoneware is a great tile. There are, however, different types and some have a superior quality. Let’s see in detail what are the differences e how make for know if it is the porcelain stoneware is of excellent workmanship.


What is porcelain stoneware

The porcelain stoneware is a type of compact ceramic tile e very resistant. It is obtained from the fusion of white clays high quality which mainly come from England, Turkey or Russia. Specifically, these are the same used for there production of the porcelain, hence the addition of the term “porcelain”.

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These clays they are cooked at 1200 °. At these temperatures, indeed, the vitrification takes place, from which stoneware takes its name. This is the process of compacting the clay molecules when they cook at high temperatures. Precisely because the clays chosen for the porcelain stoneware are of high quality, they are able to withstand even these high temperatures.


Characteristics of porcelain stoneware

The porcelain stoneware it is definitely a quality tile. This depends first of all on the materials used for its production, which we have seen to be precious.

Then, has many advantageous features which make it one of the most desired tiles. Between these we can first mention his resistance which is due to its incredible hardness.

Then the porcelain stoneware tends not to absorb liquids. This means that it will tend to stain less. In addition, its impermeability makes it a lot frost resistant. Precisely for this reason it is also suitable for outdoors.

Finally, one of the greatest advantages of porcelain stoneware is related to its aesthetics. This is a very beautiful and elegant tile, on which different finishes can be made. Right there possibility of choice and customization is one of the reasons that make it very appreciated.


Types of porcelain stoneware

Based on the manufacturing process we can distinguish two types of stoneware: that natural is that enameled.

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Natural stoneware

The natural stoneware, after being state brought to the vitrification temperature, it is allowed to cool gradually. With this procedure you get a resistant tile to abrasions, impacts and stresses and in part waterproof.

Obviously these characteristics contribute to its remarkable durability. We can say that it is always a very good tile, but we must consider it of simple invoice.


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Glazed stoneware

The glazed stoneware is considered to be of superior quality than the natural one. The reason is essentially due to an aesthetic factor. In fact, this type of tile can be customized a lot, both in terms of color and finish.

Therefore, it has the typical characteristics of stoneware resistance, hardness and impermeability. The addition of the glaze, However, accentuates them remarkably. Furthermore, makes it durable even at high temperatures e on fire. The glazed stoneware is shiny and bright.


How to evaluate the quality of porcelain stoneware

We have seen that porcelain stoneware, for all the characteristics mentioned so far, is already an excellent tile in itself. However, for evaluate the difference between the various types of porcelain stoneware e understand what quality is really there other small ones details to consider.



There rectification it is a procedure that guarantees a high degree of finish. This it is done on the edges of the tiles to square them. This serves both to give it a more natural look and to facilitate its installation. Indeed, in this way i escape joints will be minimal.



The gauge affects the size of the tiles. Although these can be made with the same mold, they will inevitably have small differences. Then, they are grouped and classified according to size how much more similar possible.

In fact, at first, porcelain stoneware tiles of the same size were always sought. Today, however, there is wider Possibility of choice e there are tiles of different sizes.



We have the possibility to make porcelain stoneware tiles of various colors. When we talk about tone we refer own to shade that is chosen for a particular batch. Of course, there will be small differences in shades, but in order for the tile to be of quality it is important that the color is full and uniform.


How much does porcelain stoneware cost

The cost of porcelain stoneware is very variable. Obviously, the higher the quality, the higher it will be also the price. We want to show you three indicative bands that will help you get an idea.

  • The standard porcelain stoneware it can swing between 10 and 15 euros per square meter.
  • The top quality porcelain stoneware has a cost of approx 30 euros per square meter.
  • The glazed stoneware, considering it is quality very high, it can even go as far as 100 euros per square meter.


How to know if the porcelain stoneware is of quality: images and photos

We have seen that there are different types of porcelain stoneware. If you want to see photos of the different types, do not hesitate to browse the images in the gallery below.


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