How to furnish or renovate your home almost for free

It’s possible to furnish or renovate your home almost for free. Renovation work, purchase of new furniture at discounted prices, renovation of outdoor spaces: here’s how to plan all the interventions you want, taking advantage of the benefits of home bonuses.

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If you are thinking of refurbishing the house with a series of improvements, now is the right time to do it! We explain how to plan the work and how to furnish the whole house (almost) for free. You read that right: this year you have a chance to deal with works of renovation and other expenses important, without the obligation to invest astronomical figures.

With the Restructuring Bonus, the Furniture Bonus e the Green Bonus you can renovate or furnish the whole house, and you can even add renovations to outdoor spaces. If you have been putting off all your most important jobs so far for budget reasons, now you have no more excuses: find out how to furnish or renovate your home almost for free.

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Renovating your home (almost) at no cost

You know, home refurbishing it is not never a walk. But postpone endlessly some important works, could involve a much greater expense for the future. In fact, you must consider that the wallet affects a lot unexpected expenses, those that is related to poor maintenance of the property and which can also occur at inopportune moments.

What if we told you that today is really possible renovate home, expand the premises interior, redo the bathroom or the electrical system at almost no cost?

That’s why it’s worth taking action now and planning all those improvements that you’ve always had to postpone. Let’s see what the jobs are of restructuring that you should plan, and how you can amortize the expense over time, taking advantage of the bonuses provided for each area.


Renovation work to be scheduled

To make the home comfortable, stable and safe it is necessary to give in to small or large improvements that can make significant differences compared to before. With the extension of the Superbonus 110% you can still plan a series of tow jobs and combine them with tow jobs, taking advantage of substantial tax breaks which make these interventions almost at no cost.

Most of them are aimed at improving the starting energy class and allow you to reduce polluting emissions and reduce the energy consumption of your home. Here is the list of all the jobs you can undertake in your home:

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  • Unification of locals
  • Abatement of the walls interior architectural to reorganize the rooms of the house
  • Renovation of the bathroom
  • Insulation of the roof and interventions to improve the energy class of the building
  • Stairs is attic
  • New fixtures and sun screens
  • Installation ofsecurity system and armored doors
  • Makeover ofplant fire prevention, electric and cooling
  • Makeover gods floors, of the balcony, of the terrace and the swimming pool.


Define interventions

Decide Which ones are they the interventions improvements you want to support and contact a professional for a objective opinion and a price quotation of expenditure. If the property is Rather dated, you might think of redo the system electric or to install /replace a air conditioning system.

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You could also proceed with the renovation of the roof or floors, to obtain an improvement in the energy class. These interventions, albeit expensive, I’m between those strongly recommended, because they affect directly on energy costs and in the future, therefore, they could weigh less on the family budget.

Furthermore, exploiting the rates provided for by home bonus, you can amortize the expense over time and receive an economic benefit up to 110% of shopping.

Among the novelties more waiting (and that you shouldn’t let it slip away) There is the so-called water bonus, what is it allows to rearrange and / or renovate all the home bathrooms. New bathroom fixtures, the replacement of taps and a shower head that affects consumption: take advantage of all the possibilities you want, with a view to green savings for the future.


Buy new furniture and appliances

If you have decided to renovate house, how about buy gods new furniture or of domestic appliances more modern and efficient? You can take advantage of the Furniture Bonus, the facilitation that allows you to recover the 50% of the amount overall for the purchase of new furniture and appliances, as long as you’ve just argued of the expenses for the renovation.

In this way you can completely redo the look of your home, without further burdening the overall budget. It is a truly unmissable opportunity, because the bonus allows you to deduct up to € 16,000 of the expenditure incurred!

And it includes really of everything: from the purchase of the fridge, of the washing machine or of the dishwasher, passing through sofas, mattresses, tables, chairs, shelves is bedside tables. In short, any useful furniture you want to place in your brand new home.


Renew the open spaces

The almost free refurbishment of outdoor spaces is another great opportunity for those who want renew the appearance of terraces, balconies, gardens and green spaces. With the Green Bonus 2021 it is possible to carry out maintenance work by taking advantage of a tax advantage that amounts to 36% on a maximum cost of € 5,000.

Take advantage of it, then, to install or redevelop the green mantle of your garden, for create irrigation systems is wells, or for grow new plants and shrubs, which will make your garden a corner of paradise.

The bonus also includes large pruning, the making of roofing and buying new potted plants (an option which, however, must be accompanied by other ameliorative and broader interventions).

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How to furnish or renovate your home almost for free: images and photos

Would you like to renovate your home and renew the appearance of the outdoors? With the furniture bonus you can even redo the look of the interior, buying new appliances and furniture, practically at no cost. In this gallery of images, here are the almost free interventions that you can plan right away. Don’t miss this great opportunity!


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