How to clean eco-leather chairs: infallible remedies and advice

How to effectively clean and wash chairs made with eco-leather? In this article you will find foolproof remedies and tips on how to do it best. Which products to use and what should be avoided.


The eco-leather chairs I’m furnishing really beautiful, able to make any environment elegant in which they are inserted. L’faux leather, synthetic material which somehow reproduces the look and texture of real leather, is very appreciated in sector ofinterior design how coating even sofas and armchairs resulting in a lot practical, resistant and certainly more cheap of real leather.

However, it is it is inevitable that the eco-leather can get dirty or get stained and the downside is that you won’t be able to take out the chair and put the chair cover in the washing machine. What is certain is that to clean is to wash the faux leather chairs will be easier and faster compared to cleaning real leather – which, among other things, also costs a lot – and above all you can do it in full respect of the environment and of the animals.

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If you need to clean your beautiful faux leather chairs in this article you will be able to find gods infallible remedies and gods advice on how to do it best. Which products to use is thing it would be better instead to avoid.


Daily cleaning of the chairs

There good seal some eco-leather chairs cannot ignore one daily cleaning, easy and also very fast. Uses a soft cloth in micro fiber moistened, pass it on the faux leather chair: this will serve to eliminate all there dust. Once this is done, dry the chairs with a clean cloth preferably in cotton.

If the chairs need specific treatment, you can buy gods products to base of creams and oils which will not only perfectly clean the eco-leather but will make it shiny and resistant. You will find these products easily in any DIY store or hardware store.


Use Marseille soap

For a decisive but delicate action to remove any stain, the good and the old Marseille soap is the ideal ally. Prepare a mixture made of soap and water to moisten a soft cloth, after which it is necessary rub gently on the questioned area. Rinse for good ed dries chairs.


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Alcohol to remove stubborn stains

If you are in the presence of stubborn stains, how could wine be, alcohol will be one valid solution to remedy the problem. Wet a cloth of cotton with a few drops of pure alcohol looking for of to remove there scrub gently rubbing until it disappears. This turns out to be a really effective remedy is valid for all objects in eco-leather, even armchairs and sofas or, why not, dresses.


Remove ink stains

A of the spots probably more difficult to be eliminated on an eco-leather chair is definitely that of ink. If you have children in the house who love to draw or do their homework right at the table where the faux leather chairs are, you will know what we are talking about. In case a pen stains the chair you have two options:

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  1. moisten a cloth with white vinegar and rub gently;
  2. use the rubber bread and literally erase the stain ink e then eliminate residues with a cloth moistened with alone water.


Wet wipes for children

This remedy it may seem bizarre, but you will be thrilled with the result. This is theuse of wet wipes for babies, exactly the ones that all mothers have in their purse. Being a product intended for the skin delicate of the little ones, is great for super fast cleaning of a chair which will not only be cleaned effectively but will not even have to be dried due to the “air” drying characteristics of the wipes.

Obviously, it is worth using the wipes in the presence of small spots, for larger surfaces we recommend the previous remedies in order not to incur an exaggerated burden.


Polishing an eco-leather seat: how to do it?

The beauty of eco-leather is also given by its lucidity. It certainly is one optional step, but a shiny faux leather chair, let’s face it, makes another figure. Well how to do? Again, you may be amazed. The method we suggest you involves the use of simple cleansing milk: if you are a woman you will have understood, if you are a man you can find this product in the bathroom next to your wife’s makeup.

Pour a few drops of detergent not oil based on a microfiber sponge is rubs slightly over the entire surface, let it dry and ends with a wipe with a dry cloth.


Cleaning faux leather chairs: last tips

Before leaving, here are the last tips that we are sure they will help you in cleaning the eco-leather chairs. Here’s what you have to to remember:

  • before of use a product you we recommend testing it on one small hidden portion of the fabric in order to avoid bad reactions
  • avoid chemical products too much strong, how there bleach, that they would ruin inevitably there chair and you would have no chance to fix it
  • do not use abrasive sponges, you would risk seriously scratching the chair


How to clean eco-leather chairs: pictures

To review the images included in this practical guide, browse the gallery below.


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