How to clean cutlery with natural methods and make them shine

Vinegar, lemon, coarse salt and baking soda are excellent allies in the kitchen for cleaning silver or steel cutlery. These are natural ingredients that are easy to find and that can be found in every home, at low cost. If you want to know how to use them, read the article and you will know how to have brilliant cutlery that will make your table shine. The easiest way to impress your guests.


You are preparing for a pleasant dinner in the company of friends and relatives. It is time to lay the table, but at the time of putting the cutlery, you realize that I’m stained and opaque. Don’t despair. Indeed, without too much effort and without having to resort to cleaning methods with specific products it is possible to restore your cutlery to their initial appearance.

Coarse cooking salt, bicarbonate, vinegar, lemon. It is about natural products that is easy to find in every home and that they will help you make your cutlery shine again. In this way, your table set will undoubtedly not fail to amaze your guests. But let’s find out together what is the best method to clean your cutlery.

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In all the houses there are some steel or silver cutlery. These utensils are essential, not only to allow us to consume our dishes without having to touch the food with our hands, but also for to set our table in an impeccable way.

A well laid table is an excellent business card for our guests. In fact, it is around the table that we meet to experience pleasant moments of conviviality. Show off our best service of dishes and glasses as well shiny and shiny cutlery it is without a doubt a great way to welcome our guests and make them feel at home. But which the best way to clean them? Depending on the type of material they are made of, we suggest some completely natural methods.


How to clean silver cutlery

The silver cutlery, compared to those of steel, in general they are used on special occasions. Alternatively, for lovers of classicism they are perfect to be displayed in your dining room showcase. Precisely because they are put on display, it is appropriate that they are shiny.

The silver over the time it tends to oxidize is to become opaque. To make it shine we can use one of the following methods.

  • Coarse salt and aluminum. This is a very simple method. You can use a rather large container and cover it with aluminum foil or aluminum foil. The one commonly used to cook food. Alternatively, you can also use an aluminum container, what is used to cook food in the oven. Arrange your silver cutlery inside the container e cover them with coarse salt. At this point cover everything with hot water. Leave cutlery in immersion for about half an hour. After this time, remove the cutlery and dry them with a soft cotton cloth. The result will surprise you. Your silver cutlery will be shiny and shiny again.
  • Bicarbonate and aluminum. The effective alternative to the method seen above is the put in a pot big enough the silver cutlery. Add some water and put them to boil. At this point add baking soda and a sheet of aluminum foil. Leave to infuse for about half an hour. When finished, as before remove the cutlery and dry them. The result will be shiny cutlery. This process triggers a reaction known as electrolysis which removes the oxide from the cutlery.

After having polished your cutlery you can keep them at their best, inserting them in cotton bags which will protect them from oxidation.

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How to clean cutlery with natural methods

How to clean steel cutlery

The steel cutlery are those that we use daily is they can be washed comfortably in the dishwasher. Despite this, it may happen that your steel cutlery has some spots or of halos which make them unpleasant to the eye. Obviously cutlery that is not well cleaned and shiny certainly does not encourage us to use it, but on the contrary they would not even make us appreciate good food.

For make them shine again also in this case we can use different natural methods. Let’s see what it is and how to do it.

  • Bicarbonate. As we saw earlier for silver cutlery, you can also for steel cutlery boil some water in a large container and add a couple of tablespoons of baking soda. At this point soak the cutlery for about ten minutes letting the water boil. At the end of the operation pass the cutlery under cold water and dry them well. The result will be clean and shiny cutlery.
  • White vinegar. This natural ingredient is an excellent cleaning ally. Its use is very effective for polish the steel cutlery. For example, if you want to simply remove some halo left by drops of water. If previously after washing they have not been dried well, you can put on a few drops of vinegar on a soft cloth and rub the cutlery. Alternatively take a large container is add hot water and vinegar, or just vinegar and immerse yourself in the steel cutlery. After a few minutes of soaking, dry them with a soft cloth. Your steel cutlery will shine again and they will be ready for your table to set.
  • Lemon. Same previous procedure, but replacing the vinegar with lemon. After leaving them to soak for half an hour, dry them with a soft cloth. The result is guaranteed.


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How to clean cutlery with natural methods: photos and images

Natural remedies, easy to find in every home and low cost will make your steel cutlery look clean and shiny again. Browse the gallery and find out how.



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