How to choose the yoghurt maker

Are you a yogurt lover? Then the right solution for you is the yoghurt maker, an appliance that allows you to produce it at home. You will save time, money and your yogurt will be delicious. Let’s see together how to choose the best yoghurt maker!


There yoghurt maker is a household appliance that allows you to produce yogurt, and not only, at home. For lovers of this food it can certainly be a possible purchase.

To understand how to choose the best yoghurt maker, it is important to know exactly what it is and how it works this appliance. Then, you have to to evaluate the design, i programs at its disposal and the accessories Supplied. Finally, it is good to always keep an eye on price.


What is the yoghurt maker

Today more and more people try to have a healthy diet and yogurt is almost always included in a correct and balanced diet. You can buy it in the supermarket, or even in yoghurt shops.

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What perhaps not everyone knows is that yogurt can also be homemade thanks to the yoghurt maker, a particular appliance that allows us to prepare a good and healthy yogurt.

The main advantage is that we can choose we how to do it and when. In short, there is no chance that you will find yourself without your yogurt. Furthermore, you save a lot because the cost of the ingredients needed to produce it is not very high.


How a yoghurt maker works

Now let’s try to understand how a yoghurt maker works. Let’s start by saying that the main ingredient what is needed to prepare one yogurt is milk. Then, according to your tastes, aromas and toppings can be added.

To get yogurt the milk needs to ferment. In this way the splitting of lactose into galactose and glucose will occur. In order for fermentation to take place, you have to reach a certain temperature.

There yoghurt maker, thanks to an electrical resistance, allows you to keep for the time needed the temperature at 40 or 45 ° C. In this way fermentation can take place.


The design

The first thing to consider when choosing a good yogurt maker is its design. In this case we are not referring only to the aesthetic aspect, which in any case is always important, but to a series of structural characteristics that the appliance must have.

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For example, yoghurt makers can be round or rectangular. Anyway it is essential that they are stable. In fact, during the fermentation process there must be no abnormal movements.

Stability is ensured by the presence of rubber feet that allow you to fix the appliance on a specific surface, be it the table or any kitchen counter.

It is also important the cover, it must adhere well and it’s better be transparent so you can observe what happens inside the yoghurt maker during fermentation.

Finally, you have to pay attention to the coating external. It can be metal or plastic. The first material will obviously be more resistant. Anyway, the important thing is that the yoghurt maker is able to withstand shocks accidental and does not get damaged.

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The programs

Also with regard to yoghurt makers there are several models and some are better than others. This also depends on the functions they have. For example, the latest generation yoghurt makers allow also to produce gods cheeses fresh or gods desserts creamy.

In this case, they are equipped with display that there allows you to select the different programs. In fact, not all yogurts are prepared in the same way, a lot also depends on the type of recipe you follow.

The standard yoghurt makersinstead have a single program and no changes can be made regarding process duration or temperature.

According to the various models, the power also changes. Yogurt makers that can produce around 6-7 pots of yoghurt generally don’t exceed 15 watts. Quite different, however, is the discourse for those who also produce cheeses and desserts that will need more power.


The accessories supplied

One last thing from to look before buying a yoghurt maker are the accessories supplied. For example, is always well they are included the jars for yogurt. In the standard ones we are talking about 6 or 7 containers.

Then, also have a cookbook for the preparation of yoghurt and possibly fresh cheeses and creamy desserts it’s important. Each yoghurt maker, in fact, can have a different power, so the times are not all the same.


How much does a yogurt maker cost

As is often the case with household appliances, the cost of a yoghurt maker can vary a lot. THE cheaper models, for example, have a price that wanders around 20 euros. However, for be sure you have chosen a product of quality, we recommend bet on a model of mid-range which should cost around 50 euros.

Who, then, wants a latest generation yoghurt maker, also able to produce cheeses and desserts, will have to consider to spend at least 150 euros.


How to choose the yogurt maker: images and photos

In the following gallery you can see different models of yoghurt maker. Don’t hesitate to take a look to find the model that’s right for you!



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