How to choose the room that becomes a bedroom

Do you know how to choose the room that becomes a bedroom? It is not enough just to consider the structure of the house, but it is also necessary to take into account some factors related to the surrounding environment. Here’s everything you need to pay attention to to make the best choice!


There bedroom is one of the rooms that must be chosen with more care. In fact, this is a intimate and private place where you need to be able to relax so that you can sleep well.

For this, there are a number of necessary conditions. Surely one of them is that it is a place as much as possible quiet and free from any source of disturbance.

However, There are many others factors to consider. These they concern the structure of the house, but also the external environment. So let’s try to understand what are all the steps to choose the room that becomes a bedroom.

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How to choose the room that becomes a bedroom

Evaluate which room is best in the sleeping area

Generally the larger houses are divided into one sleeping area and one living area. Clearly these two areas must have of the features well different whereas they are exploited for totally opposite purposes.

In fact, the living area is where you spend most of your time and must be bright, spacious and functional. The sleeping areainstead is one part more quiet and reserved, ideal for sleeping and relaxing.

The room that becomes bedroom must then be in the sleeping area. If there is a corridor, this tends to be at the end of it, well away from the front door.

The reason is primarily due to a question of privacy. There bedroom, in fact, it is a private place and therefore it should not be accessible and visible to everyone guests as they enter the door.

Furthermore, being away from the entrance helps you feel protected and to sleep well it is essential that the bedroom is an environment that we consider safe. The ideal then would have to go one, or better yet two right angles to get to the room.


Check that there are no metal masses in correspondence

When choosing the room that is to become a bedroom, we must not limit ourselves to considering the floor plan of the house. Indeed, is very important also take into account the surrounding environment.

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This is especially true if you live in an apartment building is there might be something downstairs. For example, having identified a certain room, it is necessary make sure there are no metal masses in correspondence of this. An example could be the garage.

When they open and close cause annoying vibrations which could disturb us if we are sleeping. Often, it could also happen to the passage of trucks or other heavy vehicles.


Make sure the room is in a quiet place

One of the key features of a bedroom is that it must be a quiet and peaceful place. In fact, being able to sleep with annoying background noises can be very difficult.

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For this, you have to make sure that the room chosen to become a bedroom is not too exposed to the external hustle and bustle. For example, it is not recommended to choose all those that overlook busy streets or even stations.

Moreover, it is very important too evaluate if there are machines always active, such as boilers or fans, in correspondence with the chosen room. These too I’m very annoying.

How to choose the room that becomes a bedroom

Consider if there is a bathroom nearby

According to some oriental disciplines, such as feng shui, there are vibrations in all environments and these must be balanced so that everything is in harmony.

Always based on this, it seems that having the bathroom near the bedroom emits of the positive vibes and therefore this too must be evaluated when we choose which room will become the one for sleeping.

Regardless from the theories of these disciplines, undoubtedly it is convenient to have the bathroom near the bedroom, it is no coincidence that very often he opts for the bathroom in the room.


Choose a room that is not particularly brightly lit by the sun

Surely it is pleasant that in a room i Sun rays. However, in the bedroom these may turn out very annoying.

If, for example, there are no curtains or blinds, it might wake you up early in the morning or may make it impossible to take an afternoon nap.

Furthermore, in the summer the sun beats constantly in the room it would make the environment too hot and sleeping at night could be a big problem. For this is always essential that the bedroom is a cool place.

So, one of the things to consider when choosing it is make sure it is not particularly exposed to the sun. Usually, in fact, as a bedroom the rooms further north are chosen.


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