Come scegliere l’estrattore di succo

How to choose the juice extractor

Everything you need to know before buying a juice extractor, why it is useful to have it at home and what its cost is. Here is the guide you were looking for to choose your new juice extractor.

How to choose the juice extractor

Juice extractors, also called cold extractors or chewers, have been household appliances on the market since the 1930s, but it is only in the last decade that they have become popular in parallel with the growing interest of the Italian population, for a healthy diet and a correct supply of nutrients.

Adding fiber and other plant-based foods to your daily diet has numerous beneficial effects, not only on the body, but also on the mind. A diet is considered balanced when there are at least five servings of fruit and / or vegetables per day.

Here because for your break from daily activities you will have to prefer plant foods to industrial snacks and snacks; with the juice extractor you can create rich different smoothies every day, and prevent this style of nutrition from getting tired. Based on your needs, but above all depending on your budget, find out how to choose the machine that is really right for you.

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What is the difference between juicer and juice extractor?

Before analyzing in detail what are the factors you need to consider before buying your new extractor, let’s see how it differs from the more common centrifuge.

The latter it’s a food processor that allows you to shredding fruit and vegetables using a blade that rotates at high speed. This process causes the juice to separate from the fibrous pulp. In some cases, you can also use the waste produced for further culinary preparations (this is certainly the case with carrots).

Instead, a cold juice extractor crushes fruit and vegetables using a gear called an auger. In this way the food is basically ground and a very pure and natural juice is obtained in which the peel is separated from the pulp.

The auger is the most important element: the higher its quality, the higher will be that of the appliance as a whole and consequently the price will rise.

The difference between the two electronic devices lies in the way the food is processed, the strength used and consequently the quantity and quality of juice produced.

According to some studies, centrifuges heat the products too much, thus destroying part of the nutrients. This theory is debunked by other studies, which instead emphasize that the main difference lies in the fact that the drinks obtained with the extractor resist better over time.

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As for the portions of ingredients to be included, there is no single answer, but it is certainly known that some foods are richer in water than others. The latter are better suited to be treated in the chewer.

In any case, these are two devices that are easy to use and highly recommended for maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Usually centrifuges have smaller dimensions and are much cheaper, it starts from around € 30.00 so it could prove to be the right investment to start getting familiar with this type of snacks.

Conversely, a juice extractor cold can he get to also cost € 400.00.

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How to choose the best juice extractor

When it comes to household appliances, the main distinction is always the amount available to purchase.

In the case of juice extractors, since it is equipment in which the value of the individual components determines the total value, it will be good to analyze them one by one.

A good extractor must have a very resistant screw, if you don’t want to run the risk of having to replace it often. In fact, the variety of fruits and vegetables that you will find yourself choosing from does not have all the same pulp, some will also have pits and / or seeds. In short, if you do not want to risk having to replace it with the first not quite ripe pineapple or with a very hard fennel, you should choose a quality one.

Yet, it would be better if the entire structure were in stainless steel and free of plastic. This material is less durable (see topic discussed above) and more prone to deterioration.

Keep in mind that, as in everything, higher price does not always mean better product. The brand that produces it and also the advertising campaign that was made to promote it influences a lot. An advice is that of always read the reviews of other users carefully in order to discard a priori those that for many others have proved to be unsuccessful attempts.

With the same technique or a search on the web, you will also find many tasty recipes to reproduce to always have good and 100% natural juices and smoothies.


How to choose the juice extractor: pictures and photos

Here is a summary gallery of the topic we have covered. Have fun experimenting with new recipes and add taste and health to your daily meals.


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