How to choose the colors of the curtains: 5 useful tips

If you need to furnish your home and you don’t know how to choose the colors of the curtains, we at Home and Garden are ready to give you the right suggestions. Make yourself comfortable and read the following tips: ideal colors for style, space and much more. Immerse yourself in a new atmosphere!

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Any home that presents care in furnishing and attention to detail has curtains on the windows, because without they it would appear empty or neglected. They complete and they define the decor of a room adding style, harmony and character in just a few steps. They transform your spaces and immediately make them more welcoming but the choice is not so obvious.

You have to deal with a number of elements and learn how to make an aesthetic and functional choice, room after room. If we are talking about large rooms with several windows, we are talking about an investment also in economic terms: it is therefore good to leave prepared so as not to fall into error.

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Curtains improve the comfort of your interior but there are various types, models, colors and styles: choose the one that best suits your needs. Today we at Casa e Giardino will guide you in choosing the most beautiful and trendy shades, are you ready to go? Read our 5 useful tips below.


1. Evaluate the space available

First of all, when we have to choose the perfect color for an environment, we have to stop and think about the space to dress. How big is it or, conversely, how small is it? Based on the answer we will give the reference palette will vary. Because, you know, colors are our best allies and not just on the walls! They are able to optically enlarge or narrow a space even when it comes to fabrics and, for that, we can’t go wrong.

Then if you enjoy a large square footage in elegant and sensual colors such as gray and blue but be careful not to prefer them if it is a small corner study or room with little light. In the latter case, let in as much natural light as possible with light fabrics and delicate shades. Let’s move on to the second tip.


2. Determine the style

To choose the color of the curtains, measurements are important, but the style of the environment in which you want to place them also plays a fundamental role. Usually they are the last touch that is given to a room: if you have a classic, modern or minimal furniture, the reference colors will vary. Let’s choose them together to give order and avoid a confusing effect.

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Our suggestion is to focus on light shades, white or beige, for a classic style and romantic. To dare with daring contrasts for a modern style or prefer shades warm and welcoming for a more intimate environment.

If you love to follow trends how about following the pantone of the year? There are two proposals for this 2021: the classic gray and the bright yellow. Let’s go to the next tip.


3. Rely on the color wheel

If you don’t want to make the environment monotonous and choose a color for your curtains from those already present in the room, we have a trick to suggest. How about recalling some of the colors present on the furnishing accessories? An intriguing and seductive answer. In fact, you can create a harmonious environment by relying on the color wheel.

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Just start with the three primary colors: blue, red and yellow and combine them through the secondary ones – orange, green and purple – and tertiary ones, experimenting relationships with similar shades. Familiarizing yourself with them will guide you in the perfect choice and in balancing warm and cold colors.


4. Protect privacy

The color of the curtains will also change according to the room that will host them. A curtain in the kitchen will have a different value than one in the bathroom or one in the bedroom because here the curtain will also protect your privacy. And who among us does not try to defend it as we can?

At home it starts right from here, from your curtains: choose light and transparent only for the study and the living room where they will create the right atmosphere and filter the necessary light but prefer thicker fabrics and warm colors in the other rooms: they will grant you the right privacy and perfect relaxation.


5. Choose the ideal model

The model you prefer also weighs on the choice of the ideal color for your curtains. The simplest solution that is well suited to any style of furniture is the glass curtain, followed by the package suitable for more modern environments and therefore with more decisive colors, with panels, Venetian blinds or with rings. The color will match the model and your needs for brightness, privacy and intensity. Make your choice!


How to choose the colors of the curtains: photos and pictures

If you found our short guide on how to choose curtain colors in your home useful, look for the right inspiration by taking a last look at the gallery of images below. We have selected for you some perfect solutions for all styles and for all seasons.


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