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Are you looking for a mini dishwasher that makes it easier for you to clean dishes, glasses and pots? It is the right appliance especially if yours is a small apartment but you don’t want to give up practicality in the kitchen. We explain how to choose the best model and which features to consider before purchasing.


Living in small spaces it does not mean giving up to practicality, mostly in the kitchen where, more than any other room in the house, special appliances are needed that favor a quick but thorough cleaning. There mini dishwasher represents a valid solution for anyone who wants to rely on an appliance that has the same characteristics of a traditional dishwasher – almost – but is not bulky.

On the market there is awide range of models made by the biggest brands in the sector, therefore if you are about to buy one you might struggle: we try, in fact, to evaluate carefully all the features of a mini dishwasher so that you can choose the best model.

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Mini dishwasher: general information

As mentioned, one mini dishwasher works exactly like a traditional dishwasher but compared to this it has reduced dimensions. Despite this, in terms of features and programs turns out really be efficient so much so that the washes are almost the same as those of a “normal” dishwasher. Another difference concerns the connections: in fact, the mini dishwasher does not require special connections or in any case it is not necessary to turn to professional installers.

Furthermore, choosing a model like this one, precisely because of its small size, allows you to have advantages which concern not only the smaller footprint but also a considerable one energy saving why the washing cycle – by virtue of the covered minors to wash – it lasts less, which however, it does not mean a lower performance on quality and cleaning that are as effective as those of a traditional dishwasher.


How to choose the best mini dishwasher

Get lost in the sea of ​​offers on the market can be simple especially if you don’t know them well features to consider before purchasing. Let’s see them all in detail.


The first three aspects to consider are: size, weight is design. As regards the size, these domestic appliances are also calledcompact“By virtue of the small footprint they offer: ideal for those who have a mini kitchen. The size, in any case, may vary according to the number of seats that can accommodate the mini dishwasher: in general, the width of such an appliance oscillates between 40 cm and maximum 45 cm.

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Even the weight it usually is content: just over 20 kg which, however, always varies according to the capacity. In fact, a mini dishwasher among the smaller models (4 place settings and 40 cm wide) will weigh even less than 20 kg.


As in all things, the eye also wants its part and for this reason manufacturing companies offer different models characterized by the very interesting designs. Technically they are not different, but in terms of aesthetics it all depends on your personal taste.



Fundamental aspect before purchasing a mini dishwasher, of course, it is there capacity or the capacity, that is: how many objects can it contain? On the market exist various types of mini dishwashers which may vary up to a maximum of 10 covers, a choice, however, little taken into consideration in favor of models that have 4 or 6. Despite the compactness, the mini dishwasher with these characteristics perfectly manages to do its job and it is still a good way to optimize energy consumption and of course expenses, especially if the family is made up of few members.

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There noise or, better, the silence than a mini dishwasher is a necessary prerogative especially if you live in an apartment building. In this respect, the various models available on the market present an acceptable level attesting around 50 decibels even if there are particular types so silent that they can even be used in the evening.


Mini dishwasher advantages: energy saving

As widely said, one of the advantages buying a mini dishwasher and the remarkable energy saving which, in recent times, is a matter that is close to the heart of many. Like other appliances, also with regard to the one in question it must be said that there are types that perform better than others: you can realize this aspect by viewing the energy class indicated on the product.

In general, a mini dishwasher with class A + consumes in a a year just over 200 kWh and 2250 liters of water. Of course, this is purely indicative why a lot also depends on the use made of it; in any case, thanks to the Eco functionality of many models you can further reduce consumption.


Mini dishwasher advantages: maintenance

Last but not least, a small hint of the maintenance of a mini dishwasher. IS a fundamental aspect so as not to end up with a non-performing household appliance: the first thing to do is to check the hardness of the water of the home water supply. According to this, to choose accurately the salt dosage to obtain perfect and limescale-free washes.

Furthermore, to avoid bad guys smells use a suitable additive to be placed in the cutlery basket. At this point you will have to start washing to clean the structure and remember to add rinse aid in the special tray every 80 washes for perfect cleaning. All these precautions will make your compact appliance last longer.


Mini dishwasher, how to choose the best model: pictures

To review the inserted images, browse the gallery and choose the perfect model for your needs!


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