Gathered curtains: decorating ideas, tips

Curled curtains are the classic ones par excellence. Don’t be put off by this definition, there are also modern and trendy ones. Here are many ideas and suggestions.


When you think about interior curtains for a house, the most common reference is the gathered curtains. Perhaps even unconsciously, these are the first model that is considered as they are the most widespread and consequently the most “seen”.

It would therefore be said that the gathered curtains are a classic model, which is true, but nowadays they exist in infinite colors, fabrics and patterns therefore they are now well suited to any environment and type of furniture.

The first thing to know when deciding to buy curtains of this type is that for a curl that is considered right, it is necessary to buy two and a half times the width of the space in which they will be placed. Of course, it is also possible to make a less rich curl, but the result will not be satisfactory.

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Let’s now turn to the supportive support they need. The gathered curtain can be mounted either on a rod (made of iron, brass or wood) both on track. The sheets are fixed with hooks, inserted directly into the curl. An internal mechanism is used for opening and / or closing, usually with a manual control positioned at one of the two ends.

Again, depending on personal needs and tastes, it will be possible to mount the curled curtains on the wall or ceiling. Custom has it that they almost touch the ground, the ideal would be 2 cm from the floor; nevertheless, the most modern versions can be shorter (for example in the case in which they have to cover only one window) or cascading or much longer than necessary.

Also regarding fabrics there has been a notable evolution During the years. If before the gathered curtains were only in heavy fabrics such as velvet and damask, today lighter and more transparent ones such as viscose, silk or linen are used more and more often.

The choice of the fabric varies also depending on the environment in which the tent will be placed in question: in the kitchen and in the bathroom it will be better to choose something that is easily washable, as this will certainly happen more frequently than those in the living room or bedroom.

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Different models of curled curtains

Maybe not everyone knows that there is no single model of curled curtain. Here is an exhaustive and detailed list.

To a cloth

As can be easily understood, single-sheet gathered curtains are made from a single panel of fabric, which runs on rail or stick; when closed, the curtain takes up only a portion of space, not infrequently collected laterally with a cord or an embrasse. The choice of the latter must also be coordinated with the surrounding environment.

Two sheets, with central opening

In this case, the tent is made up of two cloth sheets which, when open, join at the center of the window or balcony. This version is one of the most classic and is mainly used for wide openings, from 1.5 m upwards.

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In case you choose this model, you can also consider the possibility of putting up a double curtain. Very common especially in elegant and traditional environments, this choice involves a drop and a sheet under the tent in a different fabric. Usually, the drop is in heavy, worked and colored fabric, while the underlying fabric is lighter and veiled, perhaps in lace, in matching or contrasting shades.

The effect created by a double curtain is not only scenic, but also functional as it allows you to modulate the natural light coming from outside without having to give up your privacy.

Aficionados of the shabby chic style will also love to insert a valance or drop over the rail.


A drop and a tarp on a track

Very similar to the previous one, just that the two cloth sheets are sewn together at the top and therefore they are moved in unison, through a single track. If desired, you can also opt for the cane.

Also in this case it is possible to collect the awning laterally, with a tied cord or with magnets.

Double drop and double sheet on a rail

In this case there are four sheets and they are sewn together two by two; it is possible to keep open only the sheets underneath by collecting the drops and fixing them laterally.

This version is usually used for balconies or windows of modest size where it is customary to open the curtains.

A drop and a tarp on two tracks

Drop and curtain can be moved independently, therefore the drop can be collected on the side or completely closed. This solution is often used in more modern apartments since it is the cords and embrasse that make them more traditional. In this case, being able to separate the descent from the sheet, it will be easier to have a more current and less heavy effect.


Two abseils and a tarp on two tracks

Being lowered and cloth on two distinct tracks, it will always be possible to move them asynchronously. This will allow you to have the sheet always closed and, if desired, the drops always open laterally. A real curtain, very romantic and more classic than all the versions seen so far.

Two descents and two sheets on two tracks

Finally, the version in which both the two descents and the two underlying sheets are separated or on two tracks. It goes without saying that this is the most versatile solution of all, suitable for environments of all types and styles.

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Curtains, decorating ideas, tips: pictures and photos

Browse this summary gallery to not miss any of our valuable tips. Choose the curled curtains that are right for you, without neglecting the combination with the furniture, the colors of the walls and the brightness of the room.


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