Woman’s hands planting herbs on terrace

Garden on the balcony ideas to amaze: 10 green tips

If with the arrival of summer the desire to immerse yourself in the green is more and more but, at home, you do not have large outdoor spaces: do not worry! In this article we will offer you useful ideas and intriguing solutions to create your own garden on the balcony, ideas to be copied. What are you waiting for? Dive with us in this new adventure.

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Woman & # 8217; s hands planting herbs on terrace

Let’s face it, there is no greater satisfaction than being able to taste the products of your garden: 100% organic, 100% natural. But, if in the city, there aren’t many opportunities to do it and your green thumb is tingling there are several occasions to get to work and conceive your garden on the balcony.

Have fun following the cycle of nature and planting different products according to the seasons: adults and children will be great. Create your little corner of paradise with easy and “recycled” solutions: how about starting? Feel free to copy some ideas.

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1. Green pallet

There is no DIY project that cannot come to life right from pallet: economical and versatile, they lend themselves to numerous projects especially green. If you don’t have a large space on the balcony, the winning idea is to create your vegetable garden vertically.

All you need is a pallet, to be left raw, inside which you will arrange spices and aromas. A suggestion useful could be to insert within the soil of the sticks on which to write the names of the seeds planted or better a pass of chalkboard effect paint, chalks and that’s it. Let’s move on to the second idea.


2. Colored wall

If you feel like bringing a burst of energy, positivity and color to the balcony then why not always think about a vertical installation that this time you see protagonist of the vases? Arrange them along the wall, at full height, securing them with hooks and there will be no shortage of vegetables and spices at home to flavor your dishes. Let’s continue reading: full speed ahead with the third proposal.


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3. Vintage touch on the balcony

If you have battered drawers in the house or an old piece of furniture that you’ve kept in the attic for a long time and plan to give away, how about a second chance? Try to recover it by creating an obsolete small garden inside and you will get a super original effect with salads, herbs, spices and strawberries sprouting from inside and being able to collect whenever you feel like it. Your vegetable garden in the drawer is ready!


4. Glass jars

Glass jars to recycle we have? Well, start saving some big ones. Wash it, dry it and start thinking about what you would like to find inside: succulents, climbing plants, aloe vera and much more. Take a plywood and secure your jars on top, some earth, the seeds and voilà this idea is also ready to be copied.

Easy, fast and your green corner will come to life in no time.


5. Suspended shelves

For a minimal and modern touch even on the balcony, floating shelves are all you need. How to bring this idea to life? Simple! They will be enough a couple of shelves inside from which to make holes well spaced in which to house our vases: basil, marjoram, parsley, chives and whatever you want are just waiting to be planted and put on display.

Use ropes to tie them together and then secure them to the ceiling with hooks. Practical and elegant, don’t you think?


6. An old ladder

If you found it in the attic an old ladder and you don’t know what to do with it, there are really so many ideas that you can realize with it. From the towel rack in the bathroom, to a rustic coat hanger up to our garden on the balcony.

Replace the pegs with wooden planks, which will make up our pots, inside you choose what to place and give life to an all green corner.


7. Cloth pocket

If you want to be surrounded by a green oasis and you have a nice free wall on the balcony, How about making fabric pockets with the art of DIY, to be drilled in the bottom and filled with soil?

Just add the right seeds and we suggest tomato seeds ready to climb up the wall with the proper support, water regularly and the harvest will be good and abundant.


8. Fruit boxes

Another surprising idea and easy to make is the one we suggest now: take some simple wooden boxes and leave them natural then create your own little garden indoors with potting soil and the seeds you love.

Place more than one side by side according to the space you have available and fill your balcony with color.

balcony garden vegetable diy - Gardening Without a Garden 9 Ideas for Your Patio or

9. Railing planter

Who said that railing planters can only accommodate cascades of colorful flowers? You might think about buying several to adorn your railing and fill it with goodness. How about planting some tasty salads?

Also alternate the presence of some flowers that will help you decorate your dishes: make your balcony unique and let the neighbors turn pale in front of your enviable green. We come to the last suggestion.


10. Suspended bottles

To create your garden on the balcony it takes very little: in this project a pinch of creativity and easily available materials they are all that is needed. Plastic bottles to start with, one spray can to give them a new face, gods pieces of wood to stick to the base e of the string to hang them … upside down.

The force of nature will be amazing and will flood your balcony with greenery. What are you waiting for to start?


Garden balcony ideas: photos and images

These you have read in the course of the article are just some of the ideas you can take advantage of, many others await you in the form of images in the gallery below. Get inspired and have fun!


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